Munchkin Suction Plates, Stack-a-Bowls and Suction Bowls {Review}

Having two boys to feed can sometimes be a challenge, working out which one to feed first, keeping them both happy, stopping Harry from stealing Charles' food and in particular, grabbing the plate or bowl resulting in food flying around the lounge or dining room.
In our last Munchkin Review Box we were given 2 Stay Put Suction Plates. They were ideal for the situation we were faced with on a daily basis.

The Stay Put Suction Plates have a rubber base which helps them to stick onto almost any surface. Simply push down with light force, or a technique I use which is pushing and giving them a slight twist, and the plates are stuck.
There were times when Harry was able to grab them but the majority of the time the suction was strong enough for the plate to remain on the table.
I found they didn't always work on our wooden dining table but with a plastic place mat we had no problems at all.
They also worked really well on our high chair.

In addition to these are Suction Bowls. These have been ideal for Harry to use as I'm able to serve his dinner in them and avoid him tipping his food all over the floor!
The suction bowls come in a pack of three and also include lids, making them ideal for meals out, picnics and for snacks in your handbag.

We were also sent 4 Stack-a-Bowls. These were perfect for picnics and car journeys, as well as for snacks at home. I also find them really good to stick in my change bag/handbag when nipping out and about.
The lids mean that if I make a bowl of raisons or grapes and they don't all get eaten, I can simply stick the lid on and save them for later. Simple! The lids fit really snug onto the top so although easy to open, they will stay put without dropping snacks all over the bottom of your bag!

All of these bowls and plates are made from strong plastic and wash easily. The rubber suction underneath the bowls and plates is also durable and strong.

We were sent these items to review, my words are honest and my own.

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