My First Visit to Patch Fabrics

So far the afternoons when Charles is at preschool are basically wasted. I mostly spend them laying on the sofa with a sleeping Harry on my chest, not that I'm complaining.

For a while I've said I was going to buy fabric. I thought it was easier to do it online as it meant I didn't have to drag the boys/a boy and a pushchair into the shop and possibly face screaming and moans from a bored child. I soon realised that this was the best thing to do as I was able to see the exact colours, the material, and how big the patterns were on the fabric.
On Friday I decided to give myself a kick up the bottom and venture into town. I only wanted to pop to one shop, Patch Fabric and Haberdashery, provided I could get parked!

We dropped Charles off at preschool and drove into town. I was quite surprised that I was able to park near the shop in question, although I was limited to just 30 minutes. Something I realised was not ideal when faced with a shop full of beautiful fabric.
Claire greeted me and was so helpful and just really lovely. I ended up leaving with fabric for bunting for both boys and for a cushion for Harry, as well as some thread and other bits I need for the bunting.
I didn't tell Claire that I had a budget in mind of £20, just for the fabric, so was really surprised when it all came to a total of £19.50! Especially as I was able to get the extra bits too.

Patch was full of so many beautiful fabrics, I was parked for a bit longer than I should have but thankfully there wasn't a traffic warden around. I can't wait to visit the shop again to buy some more fabrics for future projects.
If you live in this area I highly recommend a visit to Patch. Or, if you are not in this area then it's definitely worth visiting their online shop and following Claire on Twitter

Look at my fabric loveliness!

I have not be given anything in return for mentioning this business. I just had a lovely experience which I wanted to share.
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