The Colours of Autumn

The walk to preschool has changed somewhat. Last time we were coatless and I was wearing sandals, now we are wearing boots, and thick coats. Harry warmly tucked up within the foot muff that accompanies his pram.
Autumn seems to have smacked us in the face really. One minute it wasn't here, and the next, bam! The leaves are falling from the trees, the wind is blowing so strong that it seems days with my hair in a ponytail are much more frequent!
The walk to preschool has changed so much. The lanes once full of tree's with lush green leaves is now a muddy mess, covered in beautiful orange, red, yellow and brown leaves mixed with the few tree's with green leaves remaining.

I do love Autumn. I love the colours, something Charles is noticing everyday.
"Everything is so beautiful now mummy, just look at all those beautiful trees"
I love that he takes in our surroundings and is aware of the changes around him.

These are some photos I snapped on the way back from dropping him off at preschool on Thursday. I planned to edit them but felt that in doing so I was taking away the true colours that I spotted.
The photos aren't amazing, it's hard to take one when Harry doesn't want me to stop pushing him, but they show the wide range of colours there for our viewing pleasure.

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