The Engagement {Flashback Friday}

Although we'd only been together a few months my [then] boyfriend constantly told me he would marry me.
We decided, and this annoys me now as I don't "get" planned engagements, to get engaged on December 27th, our 1 year anniversary.

We were laying in bed one morning, I can't remember the date but I know it was October, and with no plans for the following day we decided to head to Norwich to look for rings! Our reasoning for looking two months in advance was that they might need to order one in which can sometimes take ages, especially with us planning to get engaged so close to Christmas, and also it might have taken us a while to find one.
Anyway, we said we wouldn't be buying, we would only be looking.

So off we went to Norwich. We went to the Mall first to look at the jewellery shops there. I remember us standing outside one, we'd been looking at the rings and then my [then] boyfriend looked at me and said "should we buy the ring today?".
I can still feel those butterflies 9 years on. It was such a romantic moment, despite being stood outside a shop in a busy mall.
Although I had no real idea of what I wanted, other than that being gold, we had a lot to choose least that's what we thought.
I didn't want to get a ring that only I liked.
It was important to me that my [then] boyfriend loved it too. That it was special for both of us.
We realised that we seemed to keep going for ring with a diamond set into a square frame. (goodness knows what the technical term is for that!)

We looked around a lot of jewellers and found rings that were ok, but not perfect.
We had no budget in mind, well, if my [then] boyfriend did he didn't let on to me, although whether the budget be £100 or £1000, it didn't matter to me.

Towards the end of the day, it was now dark, we went to H Samuel. They were getting ready to close. We looked in the window and saw around 4 or 5 rings and asked to look at them.
I tried one on and it was perfect! We ended up buying it.
The lady who served us recognised my husbands voice and name (once he handed over his card) from the radio so he left happy. (He used to get recognised a lot back then)

We'd clearly said we were going to wait until December 27th and when we got back to my [then] boyfriends flat we looked at the ring one more time and then he placed it on top of the cupboards in the kitchen.
He got it down again for me to have a look at. And then put it away again.
A final time he got it back down from the top of the cupboard. We took it out of the box and he said I could try it on again.
We were sat on the floor of his lounge.
He then kept winding me up, going to put it on my finger and then taking it off, and then started saying "should we just do it [get engaged] now?" I said it was up to him and then he teased me more.
Again pretending he was going to put the ring on and then taking it off.
My heart was racing.
He kept saying "I'm going to do it I'm not" and laughing.
He did it.
"Will you marry me?"
 Immediately I said yes. And he put the ring on my finger.
We kissed.

We then phoned our parents and as instructed by my new-mother-in-law-to-be we headed straight out to [what was then called] Safeway and bought a bottle of champagne.
We then went home and celebrated.
I didn't get any photos of the day but below is a photo of the ring, taken in Tenerife 2004. The photo at the bottom is from our engagement meal with my [then] boyfriends dad, his partner, my sister-in-law-to-be and her boyfriend.

Although it may not sound like the most romantic of proposals in that there were no candles, there was no sunset, no romantic music in the background, it was personal and if we were to go back, I would do it all the same again. 

Little did I know that in less than two months time our plans would be at risk and big decisions would need to be made....

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