The Paulin {Flashback Friday}

Last Friday I was lucky enough to meet my Flashback Friday co-host, Jenny aka Mummy Mishaps.
During the train journey to London I felt sick and anxious.
What if she didn't like me?
What if we didn't get on? 
I'd really taken a shine to Jenny on Twitter and her blog and had such high hopes. And without sounding shallow, I really hoped she lived up to my expectations.

I'm quite odd in that I like to know what someone sounds like or what their accent is like before I meet them, yet I don't like talking to people on the phone, so when Jenny posted Burtons 20 Questions Video it made it easier for me to meet her because I knew what she sounded like.

Well, she was everything I expected and more. In fact just writing this makes me sad that we live so far away from each other.
We had a lot of fun drinking (a few glasses of) wine, eating the lovely buffet put on for us, generally being silly.
I can confirm that not only is Jenny as lovely and as funny as she comes across online, her hair is also as shiny as it appears in photos AND, this may sound rather random as this may sound, she has amazing teeth!!

Probably most surprising is the fact that she is still talking to me despite, whilst influenced by the wine, I admitted to her that I have a nickname for her.
The Paulin.

My initial fears very quickly left and I felt so comfortable being with her. I felt the time just went so quickly and before I knew it it was time to say goodbye again.

I really really really really hope I get to meet The Paulin again, although next time also get to meet her two gorgeous boys as well.

Photo courtesy of Jenny.

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