The Easiest Way to Shop

Before I had children I would go shopping. A lot.
At least once a month I would head to the city with my mum for a day of shopping. This would normally result in us having to go back to the car halfway through the day to dump our bags so we could shop some more and carry yet more bags!
I hated the last place I worked so much that almost every lunchtime was spent shopping in the tiny town the shop was situated.
Once I went on maternity leave I would go to the city for an hour or so every Thursday whilst my husband  attended a meeting. Little did I know that these carefree shopping days would never happen again.

Those days now seem a distant memory. To go shopping now is a real mission. Making sure both boys are happy, or even that Harry is asleep so I only have to deal with Charles.
It's not that they are naughty, it's just that shopping isn't fun for them. Which I completely understand, even though it does mean that I potentially miss out on buying new clothes for me, or them.
Shopping in town now consists of:
  • Charles saying he wants to go home
  • Harry doing his loud happy scream
  • Charles hiding in the clothes racks
  • Harry pulling on clothes hanging on the racks
  • Harry seeing me getting undressed and then deciding he wants milk
  • Charles pulling on the dressing room curtain and opening it.
  • The boys playing with each other but taking it a step too far and then one getting hurt
  • Harry searching my bag and emptying it
  • Charles searching my bag
  • Or of course people getting in the way of my obviously invisible pushchair and not letting me through
I also get really annoyed by the set up of most shops. The lack of room getting round with a pushchair, getting stared at by staff who are waiting for you to knock over their wonderful yet very unpractical displays.
Just the thought of going into town makes me feel panicky and stressed.

On top of all of this, shops in our town are limited, so we can very rarely find what we are looking for.

Online shopping has become my saviour. No matter what time of the day I can simply fire up the laptop and shop to my hearts content. I'm not stuck to a time limit, I don't have to worry about being watched by staff, having the boys cause mayhem, and other shoppers constantly getting in my way.

With Christmas coming up I hate having to head out to buy presents, fighting my way through the crowds of people, queueing for ages just to buy one little item, heading out for a particular item only to find out it's out of stock.
So the fact I can get the presents ordered online and sent to my house is a relief! And makes life a lot less stressful.

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