What Happened Next...{Flashback Friday}

Two weeks ago, to go along with our theme of First Meeting, I blogged about the day I first met my husband.

The next time I saw him was in his flat. He invited me over and we watched 3 films. It was a little awkward in that he only had a really really tiny sofa. In fact it was an old style sofa bed and if you sat on it for a long length of time the cushions ended up on the floor you were basically sat on the frame.
I remember us watching Pitch Black but couldn't remember the other two.
I remember not knowing how old he was. He had made a comment on email saying his sister was 21 and was a couple of years younger than him, so I assumed he was 23. One day I text him and asked how old he was. When he came back saying he was 26 I didn't expect him to want to see me again.
I was fine with the age gap, but I really worried that it would be too much for him. It wasn't and we continued to see each other.

Further meeting up would be me going to his house or us going to the cinema. Our first meal out was in Norwich along with a cinema visit. 
We would text and email all the time.
But we were yet to make that step to become girlfriend and boyfriend.
We hadn't kissed, we hadn't even talked about whether or not we were a "we".

I was sat in Sociology, as I was doing my A Levels in Sixth Form at the time. Texting him. I said
"Everyone keeps asking if we are a couple"
"Everyone here does too. I'm cool with it if you are" [at his place of work]
"Me too."
Romantic hey?!

It took him ages to kiss me. In the end I got so fed up with waiting that I went for it. Afterwards he said "well it's about time".
Again...romantic hey?!

I remember the first time I had a meal with him. It was in his flat. We had Chinese. I was so worried because Chinese isn't always the easiest food to eat.
We sat and ate that whilst watching the Martin Bashir Documentary about Michael Jackson.

I'd started to stay over at his house in the March. He only had a single bed so it was a real squeeze. Eventually he bought a double bed and a new sofa.
Just after getting the new bed we attended my prom. Well, a few red wines too many and I made a complete mess of the bed, also throwing up in the sink and various times in the toilet. I felt incredibly sorry for my then boyfriend for having to experience that.
I've not been a big red wine drinker since then.

We had a routine of when we would see each other. When I had half term from Sixth Form I would stay at his flat, not all week but for around 3-4 days in a row.

We had our first mini break to St Neots, a town we would eventually move to. We attended a friends wedding, ended up leaving early, buying a bottle of wine from Tesco and drinking it back in our room at the St Neots Premier Inn. The following day we went to Woburn Safari Park which was fab.

Everything was going really well.
Throughout this time Jonathan said a few times that he would marry me. It was odd for a man to be so forward like that but it was nice.
We'd even talked about babies and had our girls name picked quite early on.

In October we discussed the next step in our relationship. A proper commitment involving a diamond. be continued.......

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