By Carla: Chenille Blanket {Review}

There are certain baby/children's items I am obsessed with and think you can never have enough of.
Body suits

We have a drawer full of blankets, most are not used, not because I have too many, but because they just aren't good enough.
I want to wrap my boys in a nice soft fluffy blanket, confident it will comfort them and keep them warm.

The By Carla, Chenille Blanket is perfect and provides comfort and warmth. The yarn is so soft that you can't help but to rub your hand over it.
I get quite chilly at night and like a blanket just to put over my legs (old before my time?!) and I used this as I had it next to me. Within no time my chilly legs were nice and warm.
We were sent the Nougat blanket. The colours are beautiful together and makes the blanket suitable for babies, toddlers, teens and adults. This is a blanket which the boys can take with them all throughout life (and maybe even pass onto their children!)
The size is perfect too, as I said I was able to use it over my legs/lap and at 75cm x 100cm, can also wrap the boys up lovely in it.

The quality is beautiful. As soon as I unravelled the blanket from the beautiful ribbon entwined around it I instantly realised just how well made it is.
I washed it as soon as I could, as I do with all items for the boys, and it was just as good once dried as when it was first delivered.

This would make a perfect addition to any nursery or pram, and make a fantastic gift for parents-to-be.

You can find a list of stockists on the By Carla website.

 We were sent a By Carla, Chenille Blanket for the purpose of this review. All words are honest and my own.
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