Half Term Hopes and Horrors

I had such high hopes for this past week.
Since Charles has been going to preschool our dynamics and everything seems to be all over the place.
We spent the whole of the first time trying to work out this 'routine' thing. Something which in three years we have managed to avoid.
Mornings are spent clock watching, then spending an hour trying to get Charles to eat his lunch, washed, teeth cleaned, changed and shoes on ready for preschool, Harry changed/dressed, then getting myself ready.
Walking there sometimes goes out of the window because we've faffed so much and the only option left is to drive to get there on time.

Anyway, this week I was looking forward to relaxing, watching films and the Disney Channel (Cbeebies is SO 4 months ago) and going for walks and adventures, and fitting in a visit to my Nan who I haven't seen since August (bad granddaughter). We also had Charles' 3 year boosters to attend on Thursday morning.
I was worried about Charles' behaviour. Since he turned 3 and also started preschool things have changed, not in an awful way really but sometimes he can be hard work. It's a mixture of patience (lack of), wanting to be independent and not quite understanding the family heirachy which is causing the hassle.

Sadly this week didn't go as I hoped at all. Charles had/has a cold, although nothing too serious it has caused him to have a few coughing fits and generally feel a bit run down. Due to that I rescheduled his boosters for a couple of weeks time.
And on Monday Harry started to be sick. Something I hoped was just due to him being a piggy with my milk and having too much, or due to the fact that he will have milk then go and playfight with his brother.
Except we are now on Sickness Day 7! Thankfully Charles hasn't got it, neither have I nor my husband but it's not nice at all.
We stayed at my mums Wednesday night as my husband went to the Norwich Beer Festival and, thinking Harry was getting better, we gave him some dinner. Big mistake. My mum is shampooing her lounge carpet this weekend.
Due to the sickness and Charles' cold I felt even a walk in the fresh air would be silly and as a result we stayed in all week other than the trip to my mums.
I lost count of the amount of times we watched Dumbo! Charles is obsessed!! Although it's given us a break from Polar Express so I can't complain too much.

Charles has been an absolute star and despite a couple of naughty step visits I was really impressed with his behaviour.
On Saturday Harry was very sick, all over me, himself, the sofa and the floor. Charles instantly came over and started cleaning up the floor. I told him I would do it as it's a very yukky job and he told me "No mummy, I need to help you".
He has been so kind to his brother this week and whenever Harry has been sick he has straight away come over to see if he can help and to also comfort his brother. He would stroke his hair, his cheek or rub his back and say "awww poor brother. It's ok sweetie"
It was a real special moment for me, despite the circumstance, to see how their relationship is developing.

Today we are supposed to be going to my mother in laws for food and for me to look at a sewing machine she has and doesn't use, but an early morning text from her saying she is poorly and has a bad back means we may not be going over now.
This week has felt like such a waste and I now feel so sad about Charles going back to preschool tomorrow because I feel our week together was wasted.
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