Julie Slater and Son: Sandstripe Satchel {Review}

When we visited London 4 weeks ago I was anxious about my husband taking the boys off sightseeing by himself. But at the same time I was quite looking forward to having a bit of 'me' time.
I'm so used to putting Charles and Harry's needs first, as any mother does. I rarely go out now in a totally clean outfit. There are normally remnants of baby goo, breast milk overflow, jam sandwich or something baby related rubbed into the fabrics.
I'd had my hair coloured and cut, chosen a nice outfit, and needed something else to finish off the 'me' look.
I wanted a bag which would be practical and stylish.
Although I was going to the meeting and wanting to switch off from mummy mode, I would still be needing to take essential baby items in my bag too due to our train journey and the rest of the weekend.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when Julie Slater and Son sent me the stunning Sandstripe Satchel especially for my trip.
There are some accessories you can wear and carry around with pride and feel that everyone is looking at you (in a positive way) and this bag made me feel like that.
I know it sounds odd that a bag made me feel pretty but it did, and still does.

The colours are really beautiful. I have a thing for stripes at the moment so immediately fell in love with the design and fabric.
The colours are bright but not too 'out there' and 'in your face'.

With our overnight bits stored in another bag all I had left was my cameras, phone, purse, 2 nappies, wipes, makeup, notepad, magazine for me (not that I got to read it) magazine for Charles (with added plastic toy tatt) plus a thick sticker book for him. All of these items were able to fit nicely inside the satchel, with room to spare for another other added bits we wanted/needed to buy.
The bag has a large compartment in the middle, the main compartment I guess you'd call in. Within this compartment is a zip pocket as well as two other pockets opposite to safely store your phone, pens or as I used it, lipstick.

To the front of the main compartment is another zip compartment. This was really quite large and I used this to keep my large purse and two cameras in. I thought this compartment was perfect for the safety aspect of being able to zip it up.
Right at the front is two reasonably sized pockets. You can fit quite a lot in these pockets which I was pleasantly surprised about.
To the pack is a large pocket. Again a really good size and extremely handy. I bought some Dinosaur wrapping paper from the Natural History museum and worried about how to get it home in one piece. This pocket came in really handy for this.

In addition to all this there is also a small side pocket, suitable for pens or cosmetics, with a button to fasten for security.

The bag is made from oilcloth material which is perfect for the British weather! It rained on the Friday and I needn't have worried about the belongings inside the bag getting wet!

The fact that the satchel can be carried across the body was great for baby wearing and for carrying a certain 3 year old on my shoulders! I also felt safe as I was really anxious about pick-pocketers and getting mugged in London and I felt the bag was secure enough that this was unlikely to happen.

We left the rest of our luggage at the hotel on the Sunday as we toured London. I used the satchel to carry our essentials and it was perfect. We had a cramped journey on the bus tour but the bag easily sat between our feet or between us on the seats.

Since the London trip I have used the satchel as my everyday handbag.
Last weekend we had a trip to the theatre and the bag was ideal to take as I could fit everything in that I needed to and was easily kept on the floor underneath our seats.

I've had so many comments when out and about with this bag, my mum is even jealous of it which makes me flaunt it even more.
I love this bag SO much and love how it makes me feel a little less 'mummy' and a little more 'me'.

The Sandstripe Satchel is available to buy via the Julie Slater and Son website and is priced at £56.00

I was sent a satchel for the purpose of this review.
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