Mini Remote Control Helicopter {Review}

Every year I ask my husband well in advance:
"What would you like for Christmas this year?"
Every year I tend to get the same answer. And it normally involves something that involves a remote control. Last year I bought him a Big Trak and it hasn't been out of the box for months, a reason for me being hesitant when it comes to buying him yet another remote controlled present. His sister also bought him a remote control  mini for his birthday a few years ago, he took apart the remote to get the 
Something that he has wanted, and asked for, a few times now (Birthdays and Christmas) is a remote control Helicopter.
So imagine his delight when Paramount Zone sent us a Mini Remote Control Helicopter.

We'd seen this kind of helicopter before, not necessarily this brand, and read a mixture of reviews. So we kept an open mind and he didn't get his hopes up too much.

Taking it out of the box we were very careful as it looked very delicate. After a few goes of it it, and after a few smashes and crashes, we realised that despite it's appearance, it is really quite robust.
The lights flashing LED lights on the side of the helicopter make it really stand out and look extremely cool when the lights are down. They really caught the boys attention.
It takes a few goes to be able to manover it properly, and with it being suitable for ages 14+ Charles wasn't able to do it properly but it was nice seeing him work together with my husband. They both got great enjoyment out of my husbands new toy!
The helicopter charges using the controller, which is great for the simple fact that we don't then end up with another plug and lead to lose within the many others we have collected.
In addition to this you can also charge the helicopter via the USB port on your computer, a cable is supplied within the pack for this.

My husband is absolutely delighted with his 'early Christmas present.

The Mini Remote Control Helicopter is available to buy via the Paramount Zone website and costs a very reasonable £16.99 (with free delivery!)

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