Music For Kids Pirate Recorder {Review}

I have very fond memories of music at school. Primary School was my favourite. It was the time we were discovering different instruments, the different sounds we could make and the different ways we could use them.
I remember one day we were asked to make our own instrument. We were give a mountain of materials to use and all day in which to make something. I think it was one of the best days at school, ever.
I also remember, fondly, the concerts at Christmas. I always seemed to play a big part in Christmas concerts in Primary school.  I was always one of 8 in a choir singing 'White Christmas'. We also had a recorder only Orcestra which I was always part of.
I loved playing the recorder.
It was easy (to me, although others struggled) and I picked it up really easily.
I've always been quite musical. I learnt to play the piano, keyboard and organ. I also married a very musical man. He was part of his school band, can play the keyboard and flute and has a guitar.

As a result we would like to encourage our children to play a musical instrument. Charles seems to really like music and learning how things work.
We were sent a Recorder from Music For Kids and Charles was really excited when we opened the packaging. Even more exciting than the recorder itself, was the fact that I would be letting him loose with  Pirate stickers to decorate the Recorder himself.
Each pack contains:
A three piece coloured recorder,
'Starting to Play' book & CD,
Themed stickers for decorating the recorder (Princess or Pirate)
Finger chart
Carry bag with draw string and recorder cleaning rod.

Although at only 3 years old he isn't going to be able to play a whole song quite yet, he is managing to play some notes properly with a little guidance. The pack is great to help guide him along as he gets older and will understand a lot more.
I can't fault this at all. The recorder is really good quality and is nothing like the branded toy recorders you can buy from toy shops (we should know, we bought one last Christmas!) meaning that actually, it's not too unpleasant or annoying to listen to.
The fact that children can decorate the recorder themselves makes it even more encouraging for them to play with it, in my opinion.

If we could have kept this as a Christmas present we would have done. It's ideal for any budding musicians.
These fab recorder packs are suitable for Pirates and Princesses and retail at £9.99.

 We were sent a Pirate Recorder set for the purpose of this review. All words aobve are honest and my own.
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