NatWest Pigs By Kids

This is an advertising promotion for Natwest.

Do you remember the NatWest Piggies? An incentive to encourage children to open bank accounts and save money.
We seemed to miss the boat with this, my nan controlled a savings account elsewhere for us but I was still always aware of them and constantly see them mentioned now on Antiques programmes.

NatWest have now launched a competition to get children to design the new NatWest Piggy. They are once again starting the campaign to encourage children to save and as a reward, other than the savings, children will receive a NatWest Piggy (you only have to look at Ebay to see how much these pigs are worth in the future so not only is it worthwhile for the savings aspect, but also an investment due to the piggy they receive in return)

You can join in conversations and see bloggers efforts by checking out the #pigsbykids hashtag on Twitter.

The competition is open to children up to 13 years old. 
The winning design will become the new NatWest pig.
The closing date for entries is 12pm on the 11th of November 2012.
Terms and Conditions apply. See website for details. 

You can either design your pig using clay (as we were encouraged to do) and then send a photo in of your finished product or alternatively you can encourage your child to draw a picture of their piggy design and upload that instead.
There is a section on the entry form to tell the story of your pig. When I asked Charles why he chose to do his pig the way he did he simply answered:
"Because I just did. And because I have big eyelashes like this"

Good luck to everyone that enters!

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