Spooky Goings On {Flashback Friday}

 This weeks theme for Flashback Friday is *spooky voice* Halloooweeeeeen mwa ha ha haaa *evil laugh*
The theme, as always, is up for interpretation so if you want to join in your post doesn't have to be Halloween specific. It can be about anything spooky.

I've never been a fan of Halloween and only went trick or treating once in my whole life. I hated it and felt sorry for the people who's doors we were knocking on.

I have though, had some spooky experiences and given our theme for this week I have chosen to write about those.

I've always been easily spooked.
I say I'm unsure whether or not I believe in ghosts but I think it's mainly because I don't understand what it is, how it all works and why.
I believe in ghosts. But I guess the whole 'method' of haunting or spirits confuses me.

My first experience, that I can recall, was in 2003.
We went on holiday to Tenerife with my husbands dad and his partner. We stayed at a lovely complex at Golf Del Sur. The complex seemed reasonably new, and had a really lovely friendly, calm atmosphere.
I can't quite remember the month we went but it wasn't very busy. The weather wasn't sweltering hot but was warm.
Back then I wasn't a big drinker, (although I'm not now either) until the last night when I had far too much to drink.

Anyway, on our second night there I remember being woken up from my sleep. It was so quiet around the resort and the surrounding roads so I remember feeling quite startled. The rest of what happened is still so clear, maybe because it was so odd and nothing I had ever experienced before.
As I looked up and looked towards the closed door I noticed a big area of smoke, to put it in a simple way it was almost like the Stars in your Eyes smoke that surrounded each contestant as they came out of the doors, except there were no pretty lights.
The room was dark but there was a hint of light so you could make out the outline of furniture. The smoke though was quite bright and very clear.
I felt really scared and confused. I remember feeling frozen to the spot.
I was still laying down, I couldn't move but I also couldn't look away from this spot.
I then had a name going round and round in my head and noticed that the smoke was now almost whirling round and I became aware of the silhouette of someone coming through. At this point I felt so overwhelmed and like I just couldn't cope.
There was a weird atmosphere in the air. This person was coming through for a reason, it wasn't to scare me, it was for help.
I rejected them.
As I lay there I said "please no. I'm not ready yet" I closed my eyes and felt the whole room just change. As I opened my eyes the smoke had gone.
I, eventually, went back to sleep.
The next day I didn't mention anything to anyone. I wanted to keep it to myself. I felt embarrassed I guess, and that no one would believe me. I also hoped that it wasn't real.

We went for a drive that night and as we arrived in one of the other towns I noticed a sign which featured the name that was going round in my head the night before and took in a sharp breath.
My husband asked if I was ok, he was sat in the back of the car with me, and I explained what had happened the night before.
I felt really silly saying this to him.....until....
He said he had experienced the exact same thing, that exact same night.

Nothing else happened that week and to this day I still wonder what it was all about. It's still so clear in my head.

The second spooky experience was in the house we lived in when we moved to Wyboston in Bedfordshire.
There was always an odd atmosphere but I mostly put it down to the fact we lived in a small, quiet Close and that the decoration in the house was plain and dated in some areas, despite it not being that old.
The bathroom was always really odd. I could never relax in the bath. One reason for this was due to it being so dark. There was no window in the bathroom so we had to rely on a light, but the light wasn't amazing anyway. The bathroom suite was dated and a horrible brownish kind of colour.
Almost every time I went into the bathroom, more so when I was going to have a bath, there would be one tap on the door as I locked it.
I never thought anything of it and thought it was just something the door did occasionally when it was shut, a bit like a creaky floorboard I guess.
One night it happened and it was a clear knock. I told my husband to stop it as I thought he was messing around and when he called from downstairs and asked if I had just spoken to him I just laughed, thinking he was messing around.
When I then explained the knocking to him he told me he had never heard it before and he promised it wasn't him doing it.
We performed a few experiments and realised it was only when I was going in there.
With a bit of investigating we found out our landlady's husband died whilst still living at the house (we weren't sure whether or not he died in the house or in hospital) After realising this the knocking very rarely happened. It was really spooky and creepy, especially as I was in the house by myself until late at night with my husband working and not getting in until 7.30.

The final spooky moment to share is from our last holiday to Centre Parcs, Longleat. This was in March 2010. We'd only visited 4 months previous and we were staying in the same lodge.
Our stay in November 2009 was lovely, there was a happy, relaxing atmosphere, so much so that we booked the March holiday when we were there.
This time though the atmosphere was different. It was very cold this March and as soon as we turned up we put the heating on full. We noticed there were a few light bulbs which we out and made a note of those and once we were unpacked we planned to visit reception to inform them of the light bulbs.
After an hour we realised the lodge was still really cold, in the bedroom specifically.
Reception sent out the maintenance team and we were told that everything was sorted.
Except the bedroom was still freezing.
Again maintenance came out and said everything was ok. But it wasn't. The whole 7 days we spent wearing layers and snuggled under blankets.
This time the friendly, happy atmosphere had disappeared. At first we put it down to maybe the fact that we had only visited 4 months previous so the novelty wasn't there as normal.
But there was something else.
We constantly felt like we were being watched. Charles was very unsettled the whole time too. He wouldn't stay in the cot and constantly wanted to be close to one of us.
One night I woke up and realised I was stood by the window in the bedroom facing outside, the curtain wrapped behind me. Charles was in my arms, asleep.
I have never ever sleep walked before and I'm not totally convinced that it was simply down to sleep walking that night, especially as I am a light sleeper.
I ended up with a cold that week and due to being fidgety my husband chose to get up and sleep in the lounge one night.
As he walked through he stopped in his tracks, on the sofa he saw a male figure, sat there.
As he turned the light on the figure disappeared, and my husband continued to settle on the sofa and slept.
Every night I felt as though there was someone watching me sleep, stood right next to the bed.
The atmosphere wasn't a nice calming one. It was horrid. We felt very uneasy and despite normally not wanting to come home, we couldn't wait to leave.
We felt very down in the dumps, run down and kind of depressed anytime we were in the lodge. 

We didn't tell each other about the atmosphere or our experiences until we were on our way home. We were shocked to know that the other one had felt the same and of what the other had experienced.
We used to go to Centre Parcs every year, sometimes twice a year, but we haven't been back ever since.

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