Stolen Moments

I wrote this post on my phone last week and then completely forgot to upload it. As I snuggle on the sofa with Charles right now, whilst Harry plays on the floor, it seems really appropriate to publish it.

Being a mummy to two boys can be very busy. Can be? I mean, is always very busy.
Days of relaxing on the sofa are long gone and are replaced with chasing the boys around the house, making them drinks, food, trips to the toilet, nappy changes, tidying the house and doing washing as and when I can.
The only time I sit down is when feeding Harry, (or if I'm on the toilet!), I don't even sit down to eat my lunch!

Quality time with the boys together is easy, but one on one is hard. Although I have time to myself with Harry in the afternoon it is spent clock watching. I'm hoping that after Christmas I can give myself a kick up the bottom and actually DO something and GO somewhere during this time. So far the most we have done is a couple of shopping trips to a neighbouring town, but still I'm constantly clock watching.

Harry rarely naps so one on one time with Charles is almost unheard of.
I have to steal moments whenever I can. Like sending Harry to bed first so I get an extra 15 minutes with Charles. On a Monday I leave Harry with my husband whilst I take Charles to school and those 5 or 10 minutes alone is amazing.

I sometimes hope for him to have a restless night, just so I can go into his room and read him a story, talk about things we've done in the past (like holidays, days out and similar), and to give him a "tickle back". Although this time is only successfully lovely if Harry remains asleep throughout.

This morning I decided to give Charles a shower, he needed a hair wash too, so I sent Harry downstairs and had a lovely 30 minutes with Charles. We laughed, he cried (hates having his hair washed, which isn't helped when he applies shower gel to his washed hair rather than to his body, hense then needing another hair wash!)
As he got out of the shower he grabbed his underwear and a jumper and came and asked if I would dry his hair. I had planned to let it dry naturally but took the opportunity to steal a little bit more time with him.

As we finished he went downstairs and I headed for a shower. He called up to me "I love you mummy".
It was almost like he appreciated that stolen moment as much as I did.
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