The Wedding Planning {Flashback Friday}

Whenever we had a half term or break from Sixth Form I would go to Wyboston to spend the week with my then-fiance.
The first time I stayed there I knew I had to make him stick to his side of the deal, and we had to set a wedding date.
I had shortlisted it to a few Saturdays in April. My then-fiances birthday was in March, with my mums in May and June just felt a little too late in the year for the wedding I wanted.
With a few "it's up to you"'s we eventually decided on April 23rd, without knowing at the time that it was St Georges Day!
We decided to get married back in Lowestoft, it was my home town, the town in which we met, and although most of my family were already there, it was also easy for my then-fiances family to get to.
We didn't set a budget but with me only having a tiny part time job where I was earning very little, I knew things were tight.

I made it my mission to find a venue, so I got together lots of pricelists, vetoed the ones which were overpriced and out of our price range, and looked around the ones left.
I fell in love with one of the hotels, and really felt like I needed to book it.
I phoned my then-fiance when I got home and told him all about it. We decided to ask to be pencilled in until he was able to come along and have a tour and decide for definite, and the hotel were happy to go along with that.
Annoyingly, on the day we looked around the manager who originally gave me and my mum the tour wasn't there and the woman who did show us around missed out a lot of detail but my then-fiance was happy and we booked!

In my attempt to keep costs down I made my own favour boxes, we even bought some feather flowers and went to Warwickshire for my then-fiances Aunty to arrange for us. The package we had at the hotel covered our table centres and table plan so we didn't have to worry about sourcing those.

I remember the day I found my wedding dress. I'd been having a disagreement over text with my then-fiance, I was shopping in Great Yarmouth with my mum and we just happened to be walking past a Bridal Shop. I always swore I would never go inside this shop as it looked so dated and a bit dirty.
Looking in a bridal shop wasn't high on my to-do list, especially due to this disagreement and due to it being this shop but my mum insisted and to keep her quiet I went in.
We looked through the rails and found a gorgeous ivory gown with embroidery. My mum was buying my dress and set the budget of £500. This dress was £499 and made us both gasp.
My mum was trying to get me to try the dress on but after a day of shopping, mis-matching old underwear, and the disagreement, I really wasn't in the mood and refused.
But it didn't stop her trying it on!
We were roughly the same build then, although she is a bit shorter than me.
We both really fell in love with the dress but we were told by the bridal shop staff that we couldn't order it yet as it was too far in advance. So we left with a card with the name of the dress written on the back and the instructions to go back in a few months time.
So, after Christmas, and at this point I'd already moved to Wyboston, we went back to the bridal shop and the dress was still there!....except the price had risen by £100!
My mum loved it enough to raise the budget. We took the dress in to try on, along with two others. I stepped into one but just couldn't bring myself to try it on properly. It just didn't feel right.
And then I tried on this dress. And it felt right. It felt perfect.
We were told we could choose the colour of the embroidery. Despite my parents now being divorced my dad had come over and was sitting in a coffee shop nearby, as he didn't want to see the dress until my wedding day, so we went to have a coffee and took over some fabric samples for him to look at too.
We all fell in love with Aubergine, I knew my then-fiance would like it, and we were able to fit it in with our colour scheme of white/ivory and purple/lilac.
And so it was ordered.

The mens suits were easily ordered although we had to hire some in Bedford and some in Lowestoft. The car was booked as was the photographer. The photographer just happened to be the ex deputy head mistress of my high school/sixth form.
I had avoided her at bridal fayres but then realised I needed to look at her photos and fell in love with them.
Photography then wasn't quite all digital and they still worked with film which attracted me more. I wasn't quite into digital photography at that time.
Bridesmaids dresses were purchased at John Lewis with the flower girls beautiful dress from BHS.
Everything was running smoothly.

At least it seemed that way...

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