A New Beauty Miracle.

Whenever I have a cold my lips tend to suffer. In fact my skin suffers somewhat but my lips are the worst. When I had flu a couple of weeks ago my lips became really dry, cracked and sore and no matter how much lip balm I used they wouldn't get better.
My usual "go-to" product is my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and I was surprised that even this wasn't helping.
Because the cracks were quite bad my bottom lip in particular kept bleeding, prompting questions from Charles asking if I was ok.
After trying every single product I had in my house I turned to something else that I found at the bottom of a box whilst searching for some nail varnish.

My Lansinoh cream.
This cream is left over from when I first started breastfeeding Harry. It was one of my essential items. I figured that if it's ok to use on cracked nipples, and to not have to wash off, then surely it would be ok for my mouth.

The first time I tried it was last night. I tend to really plaster these types of things on at night (Sudocrem on a spot, 8 hour cream on a dry patch of skin) although my lips were that sore last night that I didn't expect it to work at all.

When I woke up this morning I couldn't believe that my lips were no longer sore.

I won't panic next time I feel a cold coming as, hopefully, regular use of this will keep the dry and cracked effect at bay!

This stuff is an absolute miracle. I'm glad I've now found a use for the almost full tube of expensive cream!
Also, it means I can go back to wearing my lipstick.
This is definitely going to become part of a nighttime routine for me.
Clean teeth.
Plaster lips with Lansinoh.
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