Christmas Isn't Christmas Without.....

There are certain places which are essential to visit around Christmas. Particular garden centres, shopping malls, Santas Grotto, switching on of town or village lights.
For us, a tradition for the past 4 years, is to visit the Adnams store in Southwold.
My husband is a huge fan of their ales and as well as buying a case of Broadside and Spindrift we also buy other pieces so I can create hampers for family members. As a result my dad has become quite the fan of their various chutneys and sauces.
Broadside marmalade becomes a regular visitor to our fridge, mainly at Christmas, and it doesn't last long!

Last year when we visited we took along both boys and my mother in law. We stocked up on the various bottles of beers and ales but beforehand had a bite to eat at the kitchens. It was a cold, drizzly day so I couldn't resist the Stew with Dumplings. And a great choice it was. So great that this year, when I had a "date afternoon" with my husband involving a trip to Southwold and a trip to a farm to buy our Christmas tree, we made sure to visit the kitchens again for lunch and both went for the stew and dumplings.
To be perfectly honest, I was very tempted to order a 2nd bowl!

My husband couldn't give in to temptation and finished his stash of Spindrift before Christmas so another trip was required.
We took the boys with us and with it being quiet in the kitchens, decided to stop and have a hot drink, it was a bit miserable outside after all and we needed warming up.
Charles and my husband went for hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and I went for a Mocha (which was accidently served with mini marshmallows and I was grateful for the accident, it was lovely!). They also have a lovely range of fruit juices and fizzy drinks, and of course the option to have a glass of wine or bottle of beer!
The boys also shared a chocolate biscuit, which I pinched a crumb of, for quality control...obviously.

The staff throughout the Cellar and Kitchens are always welcoming, and helpful. Even the boys are welcome and we've never felt like we shouldn't be in there with them, despite the fact that there is A LOT of stuff about which they could smash.

I always find myself feeling extra Christmassy when we leave there, it almost feels as though it's Christmas Eve.

Our motto is "Christmas isn't Christmas without a visit or three to Adnams".

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