Christmas Traditions {Flashback Friday}

Only 4 days late but I couldn't completely miss out on joining in with my own linky could I?!

This year having two boys, one who is very aware of what is going on and the other who just follows him, we are starting to realise how important it is to have certain traditions.
We want to use particular traditions/experiences from when we were little, or learn from ones which we think maybe wouldn't work now.

When I was little 2 traditions stand out in my mind really clearly.
Every Christmas Eve we were given a little present which we were allowed to take to bed, it was our choice as to whether or not we would open it when we went to bed or if we would be good and wait until the morning. I would normally spend ages feeling the present and trying to guess and then leaving it until the morning.
The rule was always that this present would be used at some point Christmas Day. So for me it would be a new lip gloss, pair of tights, little handbag, or similar. I guess my brother would get socks or something along those lines.

We would always dress up in smart clothes, something which we do now too, and then head downstairs once everyone was ready.
The video camera would be set up on a tripod and we would video the present unwrapping.
But something had to be done before we started unwrapping the presents.............
My brother and I would sing a Christmas song to the camera whilst sat around the tree. You can clearly see that I enjoyed this bit more than my brother.
One year you can only see the back of my brother, he was suffering badly with chicken pox so I became lead in our little Christmas show....which I obviously hated *cough*

Although I may not take up this tradition with the boys we will be leaving out the food for the Reindeer and snack and drink for Santa, and I may well copy this idea by Mum of all Trades.

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