High Lodge Go Ape Segway Experience {Review}

 In the Summer we went to Great Yarmouth to watch their firework display. We met up with my sister in law and her husband. Walking along the seafront we came across a small Segway track. The men went on it and really enjoyed themselves, despite it being a small basic track, and since then they talked about visiting a proper Segway course.
MoneySupermarket supplied us with 4 days out vouchers to go Segwaying at our local Go Ape centre at High Lodge, Thetford. The boys were obviously too young so I invited my sister in law and her husband.

Now, I am a wimp. A real wimp. And would normally turn down such an offer but felt at least I should try.
I can't skate, would never attempt to, and would never ski, ice skate, or even go in a Go Kart. So going on a Segway was a big thing for me, if I even dared to go through with it.

We were booked onto the 1:00 course but due to nightmare parking ended up at the Segway hut 20 minutes late. We were told that there were only enough spaces for three of us to go the next hour, or we could have a refund. Another member of staff came over and said all four of us could go at 3, although the last course was supposed to be at 2 because of the afternoons/evenings getting dark.
We said that it was fine and went for a coffee and a walk.
When we went back to the hut at 3 we were given our helmets, signed some paperwork and then set off for our training.
I was feeling really nervous and almost backed out, thankfully it was only the 4 of us with no other groups so I felt a little more at ease.
I was called first to try out my Segway. I was shaking and said quietly to the instructor that I wasn't sure I could really do it. She was really supportive telling me I didn't have to but at the same time encouraged me to carry on. I was secretly enjoying it from the get go although constantly throughout my mind I imagined what it would be like to fall off, and I was concentrating so hard on not crashing into any of the others.

Going around the test track was really good for confidence and to be able to get used to this two wheeled machine.
At one point we had to line up, facing our instructor whilst she told us the techniques for going up and down bumps and small hills. As my husband, sister in law and her husband managed to remain still, I slowly rolled back, pretending nothing was happening and trying to remain cool. I ended up resting against the fence, again remaining cool and as if it was my intention to be there.
I concluded after this that I just wasn't good at getting my body weight to balance correctly enough to keep the Segway still.

After the 10-15 minute trial it was time to venture into Thetford Forest. The first part of the track we would be driving/riding on was also used by other visitors to High Lodge. Well, I kept imaginging crashing into a group of people or a pushchair, but thankfully we didn't come across anyone at this point.
We then reached the part of the forest dedicated to Segway only. There was 3 courses to go round. A-easy. B-medium. C-Hard.
I started off going round A and yes it was easy but again it was good to gain confidence and to work out how to control the Segway. I then moved onto B which was difficult due to a few bumps and little hills and tight corners, but I made it. I was nervous to attempt C after being told it was the most tricky but I found it really easy and quite a lovely course. My sister in laws husband decided to be a bit too over confident and ended up crashing into a tree.

We were able to have a few go's around each course before we were then taken off deeper into the forest. This part was beautiful. The sun was starting to set and there was a light mist settling on the fields we were riding past. If I was able to take a photo I would have, it was simply stunning.
We stopped halfway and our instructor turned off the speed control meaning we could go faster.
Of course this made me nervous as I was perfectly happy going at 7mph.
At this point she also radioed another member of staff who was to stick with me (yes I was that slow!)

After around a 10-15 minute trip we were back at the main Segway hut and our experience had finished.
I was sad that it was over and had had so much fun, despite being a wimp.
It was a great bonding experience with the four of us and hopefully we'll be able to do it again next year, especially when its warmer as I forgot to take gloves and my hands were frozen by the end of our course.

I was so proud of myself for not giving up and was surprised at how much I had enjoyed it. I'm not saying its easy but its certainly not as difficult as I imagined.

All in all we had a fantastic afternoon and a fantastic Segway Experience and it was nice to realise just because we are parents, family days out don't always have to involve the children.

We were given tickets for the Segway Experience courtesy of MoneySupermarket and Tots100.
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