Hotel Chocolat, Dasher The Reindeer {Review}

When we moved back to Lowestoft 5 years ago I went on a shopping trip with my mum to Norwich. There was a new mall which had opened which I hadn't yet visited.
Inside were lots of upmarket, posher shops than those that filled the other Mall. One of those shops was Hotel Chocolat. As someone who isn't a huge chocolate fan it has to be really special for me to want to eat it.
Hotel Chocolat chocolate is just that.

It's now become a tradition that I buy my husband a little something from there everytime I shop in Norwich and also a little something for his stocking.

There are so many products to choose from for Christmas presents, and especially for stockings, and Dasher the Reindeer is perfect!
Dasher is hollow, 40% milk chocolate with white chocolate detailing on his chest and face, and dark chocolate detail on his face, scarf and hooves.

He comes in a lovely cellophane wrapper making him a lovely gift to give to your husband, children....or maybe even for yourself ;-)
Dasher is priced at a very reasonable £6.50. This is exactly what I would expect to pay for something which tastes amazing, is beautifully presented and has such lovely detailing.

We were sent a Dasher the Reindeer for the purpose of this review. All words above are honest and my own.
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