It's Never Too Late...

...to buy new decorations for the tree.
Despite Christmas almost being over we visited the garden centre again today so I could purchase a new bauble for Harry. Yesterday Charles decided to grab Harrys little snowglobe from the tree and pass it to Harry. It was all done innocently of course, he was trying to show Harry how beautiful the snowglobe was but predictably the snowglobe ended up smashed and left a lovely watery glittery mess on our sofa!
I was quite upset as this was Harry's first personal bauble, and my mum bought it for him to celebrate his first Christmas, so I immediately wanted to find a replacement, even if it wasn't going to be identical.
Typically all of the "Harry's" had gone and despite there being other personalised baubles around, none featured his name or even his initial.
I wasn't leaving the garden centre without a replacement of some kind for the smashed bauble and fell in love with an adorable donkey standing on a bauble.
I decided that I would use lead piping I had at home to write Harry's name on the bauble.
I also fell in love with a really cute Reindeer holding on to a glittery W. I am a sucker for anything with our surname initial so had to by it.
Both look very at home on our beautiful tree.

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