Looking Back at 2012: The Final Three Months

So my series of looking back at 2012 comes to an end with this post, looking back at the last three months.
I was kind of dreading this one as I know we haven't really done much as a family. Charles started preschool, we've been ill, my husband has been working a lot and the weather has been pants. I'm expecting this to be a short, boring and somewhat depressing post. But at the same time, hoping it can give me the encouragement to start 2013 by doing some exciting things, no matter what the weather decides to do.

My obsession with fabric started with my first trip to the fabric shop in town.
I had one of the best days of the year and met up with some bloggers in London. I wrote about meeting Jenny as one of my entries for Flashback Friday.
We stayed at an amazing hotel during our weekend break to London.
I shared our journey to London with a serious of photos, most taken by Charles.
I posted about our trip to a farm back in July after discovering the photos on an SD card.
I called 999 for the first time and the boys got to see a Fire Engine close up.
We discovered the beautiful colours of autumn during a walk to preschool.

I made a Table Top Christmas Tree.
I shared the day Charles had me bursting with pride.
I was interviewed LIVE on SKY NEWS!!
I wrote about stolen moments between me and Charles.

I fell deeper in love with Harry.
Charles showed off his potential as a future radio presenter.
I faced my wimpy fears and went on a Segway course.
Charles sang/sung/sang his own version of Jingle Bells.
We visited the garden centre in an attempt to feel more Christmassy.
We had our yearly Christmas visit to Adnams in Southwold.
We bought a couple of beautiful decorations which we will treasure forever.
We celebrated our 10 year "meeting" anniversary.