Looking Back At 2012 Months 4, 5 and 6.

In a bid to look back at 2012 positively, and to not focus on the many things that went wrong. I'm having a look back at my blog to select posts which I feel focus on these good things.
Last Friday, as part of Flashback Friday, I looked back at January, February and March.

April was a busy month for me with regards to my blog. I decided, last minute, to take part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. It was quite tiring and certainly was a challenge but I was very proud to have completed it.
Harry turned 9 months old.
I posted my third Week That Was, including talking briefly about my seven year wedding anniversary.

May involved a lot of posing from Charles mostly.
I shared the perks of having wooden floors.
I also shared a few videos of Harry, one of him being cheeky and saying no in his own way and the other was of him saying Hiya to his "Dadad". I also shared the video from when Charles and Harry first met.
Harry turned 10 months old and started walking.
We went to Silverstone and my husband was lucky enough to take part in a Caterham Experience Day.

In May, we also had a fanatastic day out in Bedford, now annoying the photos are all broken on the post I wrote about our day out, but here is one of my favourite photos from the day.
We had a weekend away at a wedding in Cambridge.
I shared some "Charlesisms."
Harry turned 11 months old.
We celebrated the Queens Jubilee.
Charles turned three years old. I looked back at how he had changed on that date since 2009.
I posted an interview with a three year old, opting for a couple of vlogs rather than typing our answers.
I shared the things we had done to celebrate his birthday, including a seperate post detailing the fun we had at the park.
We had a lovely visit to a church and graveyard (of all places!)
Charles shared his guide to riding a bike.
I shared the things that Charles loves.