Looking Back at 2012: Months 7, 8 and 9

Looking back at 2012 I kept feeling like we didn't really do much. There were a few things that stood out in my head but it still felt slightly uneventful...until I looked back on my blog.
I had such a big list of things for these three months that I've had to really cut it back. So maybe this year wasn't so boring afterall!

We had a really really lovely weekend due to some last minute plans. Even now, looking back at this post, I can't help but to smile.
Despite windy weather and rain due any minute we went out and took advantage of what felt like our own private beach.
My little baby turned one, and as well as writing about his development and how amazing he is, I also blogged about how we celebrated his birthday.
In addition to my Charles loves post from June I also posted Harry Aged 1 Loves... and my own Lauren Aged 26 Loves...
Despite it supposedly being summer the weather was wet and horrid. We went out anyway and explored a nearby field.
We had a really lovely, albeit wet day at the Heveningham Country Fayre. I love events like this and would really like to go to more next year.
I recieved a lot of support from other mums who sympathesised with my Unnoticed post.I had an unreasonable meltdown about our old travel system, which still makes me feel slightly teary.
And talked big changes in a certain little boys life, Charles' New Adventures.

We discovered one of our most favourite places ever. We loved it so much that I was able to make 3 blog posts out of one days visit!  Castle Acre Castle,  Castle Acre Priory, and another post about Castle Acre Priory.
We enjoyed a few family evenings out at the Stock Car and Banger Car Racing.
The boys really enjoyed a visit to the local Maize Maze for a friends sons birthday. It was so hot so once we got home we cooled down with a water fight and fun in the paddling pool.
I also spent a lot of the month preparing for preschool.
We had two more amazing days out, this place again, and somewhere I didn't particularly expect to enjoy, A Radar Museum.

One of my favourite moments of the Summer was unplanned and last minute. I really felt like I was able to let go and despite being soaking wet and covering my car in sand and wetting the seats it was well worth it.
Charles started preschool.
September is my birthday month and my husband treated me to a beautiful early birthday present.
My birthday this year was full of lots of surprises. It was truely lovely.
We took advantage of the walk home from preschool.
I started to prepare myself for a meet up with some virtual friends.
The boys relationship continued to grow and their special bond really shown through.

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