My Favourite Christmas Song(s)

You switch the radio on in November and the Christmas songs have started. Personally I don't mind, there are so many fantastic songs that it's a real shame that they are only played once a year. I also love the fact that most of the songs never grow tiring. Some of them I do get a bit fed up of but then there is the relief in knowing that it will all be over within a month!
There are a few songs which I think are over-rated. And I get extremely annoyed at tacky "singers" covering, and ruining, Christmas classics....TOWIE I'm talking to you.

My favourite song is hardly ever played. I have to search the music channels on tv for ages to be able to get a chance to see it. I fell in love with it in 2009. I'm not sure why it all of a sudden jumped out at me, after all it has been around for ages, but it's my ultimate favourite. I start crying and have goosebumps as soon as the first piano notes are played.

I can't believe it is hardly played! It's a classic and so so so beautiful.

Although I have to confess, this is closely followed by another favourite song of mine which couldn't be more different.

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