The White Company {Review}

There are some websites which you can literally spend hours browsing through. I regularly find myself sitting down in the evening with the laptop planning on getting ahead with blog posts, or in the afternoon when Harry naps, getting my phone out and wanting to catch up with blogs, but instead I find myself online "window" shopping.
There are a few sites I tend to visit, I have a routine of which ones to log on to. One of these is The White Company.
I sit and drool over many of their homewares, dreaming of how they would fit in my house. I'm also lusting after a few of their dresses.

I think it's fair to say that the site has a variety of items to suit certain budgets, ranging from the affordable to the special treat items.

I was sent a box of treats from The White Company.
When the box arrived I was really excited to see what was inside, as was Harry, we were fighting over the box at one point.
We both first spotted the super cute Little Snowy Penguin.
I was able to grab him first and fell instantly in love with him due to how soft he is. We both had a go at cuddling him and then had to take it in turns at giving him a kiss. He now lives under and in the Christmas tree and rather than being lost in the mound of teddies that live in Harry's cot we will only get him out at Christmas.
The Little Snowy Penguin costs £14. He would make a perfect addition to a child's stocking this Christmas or be the perfect gift for any child. 

My next discovery was the Orange Grove Signature Candle.
Due to the very posh packaging I wasn't sure of what was in the box at first (although it is written on the back). Once I opened it I was greeted with the amazing scent of Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange. I'm really into scented candles so this was a lovely treat for me. It is a little on the expensive side, being £20, but I think for a scented candle, in such nice packaging, it is worth it. Especially if bought as a Christmas gift.
I like making hampers for my nan and my mother in law and this would be perfect to include.
When lit the smell is so beautiful and fills the house, although isn't too overbearing, it;s lovely and subtle.

Now quite possibly my favourite of the four treats I was sent is this beautiful tree decoration. The Glass Beaded Star Decoration is amazing, I had to hide it from Harry and whilst he was distracted I placed it right at the front of the tree. The detail of the beads used in the star and also the clear beads and silver links instead of string or ribbon make this really stand out on the tree. It looks beautiful in the daytime when the lights are off, and at night time when the lights are on.
I expected this to be quite expensive due to how beautiful it is, the amount of beads and at how well made it is. I was really surprised when I visited the website and saw that it is only £4. At seeing the price I immediately wanted to buy more, unfortunately, although not unsurprising, they are sold out now but it's well worth checking out the other Christmas Decorations on the White Company website.
Next year I will plan better and buy decorations earlier as there is so many to choose from on the site.

Lastly I was sent some White Lavender Hand and Nail Cream. 
Having recently grown my nails again I'm really wanting to take care of my nails and keep them looking nice. Also with my new hobby of sewing I am starting to want to take care of my hands a lot more, that may sound silly but before I never really bothered too much with moisturising them or "pampering" them at all.
Also I think it's important to look after hands at this time of year with the cold weather. My husbands hands really dry out so I'm aware to look after mine so I don't go through the same cracked, dry agony he does.
The White Lavender hand and nail cream is lovely. The Lavender scent isn't too overpowering, which I find lavender can be sometimes. In fact it was lovely because it reminded me of some products I used to help me relax when I was pregnant with Charles.
The bottle is 250ml and I really think it will last a long time, especially as one pump of cream goes a long way so you don't have to use too much at a time.
Again this would be perfect as part of a hamper at Christmas, or you could create a hamper of White Lavender products as there are a lot in the range.

If you are still looking for presents for friends, family or even a special treat for yourself I urge you to head over to The White Company, I guarantee you'll be spoilt for choice.

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review. All words are honest and my own.
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