Tractor Ted {Review}

Charles has always been Tractor mad. We live opposite a couple of fields which throughout the year are visited by tractors, combine harvestors and various other farming machinery.
Charles sits at the window for hours to watch, he really is fascinated. I've even been known to pull over on the lanes around here so he can watch Combine Harvesters and tractors working in the fields.
Of course we get the inevitable questions "what is that?" "what does that do?" "why is he doing that?" "where are they going now?", these questions are pretty hard to answer when we know very little about farming too.
We were sent a series of Tractor Ted dvds and books to help teach Charles about farming.
The dvds include:
Tractor Ted Meets More Animals: 
Meet the amazing buffalo with their huge horns, see their calves, how they are fed and milked giving us delicious mozarella cheese. Les is enjoying some in a sandwich, but Fudge the dog has her eyes on it!   Other animals visited are some beautiful alpacas, perky chickens and wild boar. Some great machines as well including the telehandler getting a new set of tyres and the combine that runs into a spot of bother.
Tractor Ted: More Big Machines:
 Tractor Ted has discovered some more big machines - Pea Harvesters. They need washing every day and when they start harvesting peas, they keep working all day and all night. Wonderful Les helps Fudge the dog when she gets stuck in a stable, and we also see some big seed drills and ploughs hard at work.
Tractor Ted Meets the Horses:
Watch how fast they are on the gallops and how  many machines are needed in caring for them.  A wonderful dvd full of fantastic footage including horses swimming and laughter as poor Les loses his tractor keys. A big hit with machine and animal lovers.
The boys particularly liked the Big Machines dvd, Charles loved learning about how the Combine Harvester worked. The dvds cost £9.99 and run for 40 minutes.

We were also sent 3 books including Tractor Ted in WintertimeTractor Ted: All About Tractors, and Tractor Ted: Big Machines.
We really enjoyed going through the books together and loved learning and discovering new things at the same time.
The books cost a very reasonable £4.99 each.
I think it's really important that children know where our food comes from, other than thinking it only comes from the supermarket, so these dvds and books are a fantastic and fun way to educate.

As well as dvds and books, there are various other pieces of Tractor Ted Merchanside available.
Charles was also sent this really lovely Tractor Ted hoodie. I was looking for a hoodie for Charles as a Christmas present but hadn't been able to find one which was exactly what I wanted, it was quite odd that this hoodie was then sent to us as it is exactly what I had been looking for! As you can see by the photo below, he is rather pleased with the hoodie himself!
The umbrellas are a particular favourite of mine, they are really funky.

The Tractor Ted range is a brilliant way to introduce learning to children of any age. I probably would say it was more for boys but only because I don't know any girls who are into tractors and farmyard machinery.
If you get in quick the books, dvds, and other merchandise would make perfect Christmas presents and especially stocking fillers.

We were sent these items for the purpose of this review. All words are honest and my own.

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