What Goes Up Must Come Down

Yesterday we decided to take our tree down. Normally it's down on Boxing Day or the 28th so this is late for us.
We had become quite attached to our tree this year. We bought a real one due to our artificial one only lasting 2/3 years! Buying the tree the first weekend in December we expected it to wilt and drop its needles and just look completely sorry for itself come Christmas Day but after admiring it one more time before we stripped it bear we both commented on how it had kept its shape and barely shed any needles.
He was prickly, and earned himself the name Mr Prickles (polite name) or Prickly Bast*rd (impolite name).

Yesterday we saw my sister in law and her husband and it was the last day of exchanging gifts. Had they not been coming round we may have taken the tree down sooner.
None of us were feeling particularly Christmassy anymore and Charles was getting confused. Added to this was my temptation to go out and buy yet more decorations for it!
The tree replaced our coffee table, which was temporarily living in the already cramped playroom and constantly a climbing frame for the boys, not ideal at all!

Charles was sad when we said we needed to take the decorations down so we suggested that maybe he could help, which he was really excited about.
As he took the decorations down he said "oh! Christmas is ruined now".
Now before you think I'm a cruel mummy he clearly didn't mean it and didn't really know what he was saying. We burst out laughing as it was so cute and funny.

It was really sad to see our lounge without the tree and I felt as though we had only had it up for 2 weeks. Christmas seemed to go so fast!

We have promised Charles that next year we will go to the farm and pick a new tree and that he can help us.

We're now getting used to what seems like a bigger lounge (which is odd!) And pleasantly surprised at the lack of new bulky toys the boys have. We chose carefully this year, as did most other people (following instructions), as we neither have the room or need for lots of plastic piling up.

Mr Prickles is currently laying down in the garden awaiting his fate as he will most likely be heading to the tip tomorrow.

I am going to miss that Prickly Bast*rd.
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