Fabric and Frames

I was snooping around Ebay recently, trying to find a nice dinosaur fabric for the boys bedroom and I came across a seller who also had an online store. Clicking through I landed on My Fabric House.
Now, let me get this clear straight away, I have recieved nothing in return for mentioning them.
I looked at the site and the huge range of fabric on offer and ended up liking them on facebook. This is when I fell in love with a fabric.
The 'Love, Faith, Dream' Fabric. I bought it straight away. I already had a plan for it.
We are currently filling our stairway wall with photos and I had a plan that, in the spaces/gaps between each photo I would put wooden hearts with quotes and framed quotes too. This fabric was perfect for my plan.
The fabric was delivered super quick and I immediately went shopping for some cheap frames. I searched Charity shops but was unsuccessful and then came across an amazing Art Supply store.
I planned to just spent the £12 cash I had in my purse and to not use my card, and with so much choice it was difficult but I left with some beautiful frames. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Yesterday I set about with my project and I am so pleased with the results. I cannot wait to hang them up on the wall now.

Me & Mine: A Family Portrait Project | January 2013

When Lucy from Dear Beautiful approached me, and some other bloggers all listed on a beautiful badge below, about an exciting new Family Portrait Project I couldn't resist but to join in.
We have hardly any photos of us as a family of four, and this project encourages us to take a photo of the four of us together once a month.
This project isn't just open for those of us added on the badge, anyone can join in and link up their post on our blogs (if you link up your post will automatically show up on everyones widget, you won't have to manually enter your link on everyones blog)
I'll also be adding bits and pieces about our family each month, so maybe exciting news, milestones, achievements and also things we have done as a family that month.

I'm sure that not only will this encourage us to take photos of us as a proper family, but also for me to use my tripod and to use the self-timer on my camera!

We left it late this month, I wanted to get a photo at the weekend when we were at my sister in laws but I completely forgot to take my camera so it was a simple self-timer job in our lounge. The boys all have new haircuts. You just have to excuse the lack of effort on my part (little make up and fat puffy face) and Harry's somewhat grumpy face, he doesn't like the camera flash.

Things we've done as a family....
We've had fun, and not-so-much-fun in the snow.
We've had an overnight stay at my sister in laws and booked our first holiday abroad as a family of four.
We've had a couple of meals out (Prezzo in Aldeburgh and Fusion in Norwich)
We had a day of shopping and then sausage and chips on Gorleston Sea Front.


Harry's First Haircut

Charles was 17 and a half months when he had his first haircut. His hair was always so lovely and silky and I liked the idea of it being long. Due to his beautiful eyes and gorgeous long lashes he was constantly mistaken for a girl (even though he was always dressed in obvious boys clothes!)
My sister in laws wedding was coming up and we decided that it was time to tidy him up and make him look smart. So his first haircut was booked. He wasn't keen on having it done and cried. He looked very smart and like a different boy afterwards.
Of course I can't find the photographic evidence of this haircut right now, despite looking everywhere!

On Monday this week I had to give in again and get Harry's hair cut. I had cut it myself before, just the odd whispy bit and a long piece at the end which looked very out of place.
But it's different when you are handing your child over to someone else and trusting them to 1, make your child look smart and 2, not to chop your childs ear off!
Charles went first and Harry loved going over to the chair shouting "Hello Charles" and then it was his turn.
I expected tears, to have to hold him onto the seat, but he did really well.
He was distracted at times and had a tiny moan towards the end but we were all really impressed with him.
We were also impressed that the barber only charged for my husband and Charles' haircuts and not for Harry, as we expected.
Here are a couple of photos I took, his hair isn't actually as short as it looks on the bottom one (I could never have very short hair on my boys) but you get an idea of how different his hair is now.


Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers {Review}

Charles is at that stage now where numbers and letters really interest him. He can recognise every single figure (ie 0-9) and recognises around 14 letters at the moment.
I always feared this time because I thought I would have to put in a lot of hard work in teaching him how to recognise them and was putting a lot of pressure on myself. It seemed he was one step ahead of me and I didn't have to work as hard as I thought.
It certainly makes me realise just how clever these little people are.

So as I said, with this new stage and passion for learning numbers our Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers are coming in really handy. We recieved these a while ago and whilst they were fun then they are appreciated a lot more now Charles understands what they are.
This isn't to say that younger children, or children who aren't yet interested in letters and numbers won't enjoy these, Harry loves them too!

These come in a variety of colours, which also means you can not only learn which letters and numbers they are, but also learn colours. Charles knows a lot of colours now but it's nice to still test him and refresh his memory.

The 26 foam letters and 10 foam numbers are made from a non-toxic soft foam. They have a slightly bumpy texture which helps them stick to the tiles and makes it easy for slippery hands to grab!

Now, lets be honest, these aren't all going to stick on tiles straight away and may fall off pretty much as soon as you stick them on BUT it's just foam and water, so what can you expect?
We have found the trick is to not have them soaking wet, then they will stick on for longer.

Easy to store, especially if you use a Munchkin Corner Bath Organiser, fun, colourful and educational.

The Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers are available at Asda and are only £5 in the Baby Event!

We recieved these to review, all words are honest and my own.


My Week That Was {4}

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Is it just me that's struggling to cope with the fact that we are in the last week of January 2013 already?!
When did life seem to speed up so much?

This week has been totally uninspiring for me, even my photoaday has suffered with boring unimaginative photos.
Next week I plan to make up for it.

Monday: Preschool was closed due to the heavy ran fall. Charles didn't really want to play in it and due to Harry taking a dislike to it we stayed in all day. My husband was working until late again tonight so it was down to me to do the bedtime routine with the boys.

Tuesday: Preschool was open today but I didn't particularly want to walk in it and my car wouldn't have got very far so my husband took Charles and collected him.

Wednesday: The morning was spent playing and getting us all ready to go out. Charles had preschool, and with a lot of snow still hanging around my husband drove him, then dropped me off for Therapy. I had a really good session today and always leave feeling like a weight is lifted from my shoulders already. My husband collected me an hour later and drove home via McDonalds which I appreciated.
He collected Charles from school.

Thursday: It was time for me to venture out into the snow. The morning was again just spent playing and sorting through emails. I had to get the shovel to move the snow around the back of my car and remove snow from the top and the windows and thankfully it went ok. The roads only seemed to be bad around our close and although the preschool car park was slushy I had no problems driving there.
I came home, had lunch then it was back out, in the car, to Jo Jingles with Harry. He didn't seem too keen on the first session two weeks previous, although I do put it down to it being something new and him being overwhelmed by the other babies there, but this time he seemed to really enjoy it, although was tired and thirsty towards the end so got a bit grumpy. I had 45 minutes to kill until I needed to get Charles again. I didn't want to go home, get Harry in to then get comfy and have to get up again, so I drove to the McDonalds Drive Thru (yes, again!) and got myself a coffee, and somehow a Sweet Berry Pie just happened to be paid for, and I drove back to the preschool carpark to wait for Charles. Harry had fallen asleep so I had a bit of piece and quiet for a while.
As I walked into preschool Charles ran towards me  excitedly telling me he was going to X's house! He was quite upset when I told him he wasn't and he burst into tears. It turns out that he and his friend X had planned for him to to X's house to play after school.

Friday: My mum came round in the morning so I did a little housework, blogging and had to pop to the supermarket. Charles went to preschool in the afternoon and me and Harry just played.
The evening was very exciting for me with the Big Brother final and having arranging something with a friend.

Saturday: My husband works in the afternoon. He went over on the train and we met him after work to head to his sisters for the evening night. We all went out for a Chinese which was lovely and when we got home we booked a holiday together for the summer!

Sunday: Woke up after a bad night sleep and with a hangover. My sister in law cooked us all a lovely breakfast and we came home. It was weird as when we left the close was full of snow and ice and coming home it had almost all gone due to rain the previous night!
I had a lovely hot bath, which was interupted by Charles needing the toilet, he came over to test the temperature of the water and I pulled him in....fully clothed. I love moments like this and we both couldn't stop laughing.
The rest of today will mostly involve cooking dinner, drinking coffee and water and building Brio train tracks.

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Munchkin Travel Booster Seat {Review}

As part of my role as a Munchkin Mummy I am sent products to review.
One of the best things we have been sent so far is the Munchkin Travel Booster Seat.
The booster seat is easy to transport and compact meaning it is perfect to take for family holidays as well as for meals around town.
We have visited a few restuarants that are either low on high chairs or don't have the cleanest of high chairs so I love this product to be able to use instead. We have also used the booster seat when we have visited family members and find it's perfect for this.
It also means Harry is able to sit closer to the table and be part of the family more at mealtimes. 
With a bit of practise at home you are quickly able to set up the booster seat when you arrive.
We are even considering getting rid of our high chair to make more room in our kitchen and just using the booster seat.

The booster seat is comfortable and, so far, Harry has been happy to sit in his.
Two adjustable height positions and a 3 point harness.
To make the seat higher you simply fill up plastic legs underneath. These have non-slip rubber feet to keep the seat secure on the chair.
If you need the seat to be lower, or to pack away the legs, you simply lift them up and fold them down. There are then flaps to close and secure with velcro leaving you with four rubber pads to again secure the seat onto the chair.

The seat is light to carry and transporting the seat around couldn't be easier! You can either carry by using the handle or the over-shoulder strap.
The shoulder strap is used to secure the seat onto a bigger chair. There are also two smaller straps, which pack away neatly, to secure the seat around the back of a chair.
The shoulder strap also means you can hang it onto your pushchair if required.
There is a handy storage section for you to keep all of your essential items. The storage section is surpringsly deep and can hold wipes, nappies, nappy bag, bib, spoons and even a drinks bottle will fit in here.
The storage section is found underneath the handle and is secured by a zip.

I can honestly say I have nothing negative to say about this product at all.

The Munchkin Travel Booster Seat currently has £5 off in the Asda Baby Event, making it £15.00!
Please be aware that this product is advised to be used from 12 months onwards.

First Trip To The Beach {Flashback Friday}

I clearly remember Charles' first trip to the beach. It was August the 8th, 2009. The weather was hot and we decided to make up a picnic and visit the beach at a nearby coastal town, Alburgh. I'm not sure why we chose this beach now.
It was quite quiet so we picked a great spot on the pebbles. Our peaceful picnic was ruined by wasps...everywhere.
Charles also didn't seem too impressed with our trip to the beach. He was really unsettled the whole time we were there, nothing would fix him. It didn't help that we showed off our inexperience as parents by failing to take a sunhat for him, so we spent the majority of the time trying to keep him in the shade.
It turned out that it wasn't anything specific about the beach that made Charles unsettled, in the first few months of his life he didn't really like going anywhere and preferred to be at home.
We didn't end up staying at the beach long as we were all getting aggitated and I spent most of the time wearing a fake smile feeling like everyone was watching me and judging me.
I'm glad we documented his trip though, especially as he looks so much like Harry in these ones.
I completely get that this post makes no sense considering the weather we have at the moment!
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World Book Day

When I think back to Middle School days I have fond memories of the library. It was probably the best room in the school and a lot of us spent most of our lunchtimes there. Once a year the library would be celebrated and visited more than any other time due to World Book Day.

The idea behind World book day is simple. It’s a worldwide celebration of books, encouraging everyone to read, even if just for a short time.

During World Book Day on March the 7th this year, schools are encouraged to let children dress up as their favourite fiction, or non-fiction, characters for the day.
As with previous years I’ll be logging on to Social Media sites and blogs to see which characters my friend’s children will be choosing to dress up as.

I see a lot of parents worrying and getting stressed over making a costume for their children, which can easily be avoided by simply buying costumes online. There is a wide range of fantastic WorldBook Day costumes on, for both boys and girls too.

When the time comes I’m sure at least one of my boys will be choosing to dress up as The Hungry Caterpillar, which is one of our favourite books and the first book we bought when I fell pregnant with Charles. We even had Hungry Caterpillar cupcakes made for Charles' second birthday.

Which character would your child choose to dress up as?


Let's Change The Subject

When I had my first therapy session I gave my therapist a list of words I felt were important in describing how I felt, where I am and where I need to go. I also gave a list of topics, and people I felt we needed to talk about. One of those people has been talked about so many times, to so many people. I've talked about them here too. I also blogged about them last week.
Tomorrow I have my third therapy session and I am going to hold my head high, and say "I don't want to talk about him. Let's change the subject".
I've realised that no matter how many people I talk to, this person (why can't I even say their name now?! I physically can't type it!) will never change. The things this person has done will never be undone, the hurt they caused, the damage and the heartache as well as the anger and the hate.

If I want to move on I need to be strong and going over things with my therapist won't help. I know that.
To move on I need to collect everything that has hurt over the years and just erase it.
Or at least wrap it up really tight, in a box with 10 strong padlocks.
Of course when I say collect everything I mean memories of hurt, deceit, lies, and so on that linger in my head.

Can you get detoxes for the brain? Detoxes for hurt and to cleanse memories?

I guess the hardest thing will be sitting down, telling my therapist that actually I don't want to concentrate any of my precious sessions on this person, when her reply will predictably be "why?".
My response wants to be "because I don't want to waste any time talking about someone that doesn't matter anymore, and that I don't matter to anymore. It won't fix things and I'm moving on"
I fear tears will come instead and I will end up talking.

I really hope I can remain strong and find the strength to say "Let's just change the subject".

Prezzo Lighter Menu {Review}

In 2009 we had our first experience of Prezzo. I was pregnant with Charles and we wanted somewhere different than usual to visit to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary.
I’ve always been a fan of Italian food, and have a “thing” for restaurants that cook proper pizzas, with the thin crispy base.
We are quite fussy with restaurants and it doesn’t take much for us to not want to go back, be it due to a bad meal, bad service, or overpriced food.
The fact that we have visited Prezzo a few times since 2009 makes it evident that our first visit, and every visit thereafter, has been a hit.

We were invited to try out the new Lighter Specials Menu which is available until the end of January. The Lighter Specials Menu promises that each meal is under 600 calories.

I have a big appetite, so I went in thinking that I would be leaving hungry. I had a look at the menu online before we left so had an idea of what I wanted.

From the Healthy Specials Menu we ordered:
Starter: Chunky Tomato and Oregano Soup (130 kcal)
Main: Grilled Vegetable Flatbread (482 kcal)
Dessert: Lemon Sorbet (129 kcal)

The soup was a rather large portion, although from experience we knew the size of the bowl we would be presented with. The soup was beautifully fresh, with strong flavour although not overpowering. It didn’t just taste like any regular soup in that it wasn’t thick and creamy. It was filling, and warming in this horrible snowy weather, although it didn’t mean there wasn’t any room left for further courses.
We couldn’t believe that the soup was only 130 calories because it tasted so rich.

I was confident that the Grilled Vegetable Flatbread was going to be as tasty as it looked on the menu. When we visited Prezzo in December I ordered the Zilli Pizza, it’s huge and covered in Italian Meats…I think the waitress was surprised that I had managed to eat it all. At the moment I am quite obsessed with Italian meats so I was worried I would miss these from the flatbread.
In fact the flavour of the beautifully cooked vegetables (aubergine, courgettes, peppers and onions which all happen to be my favourite vegetables anyway) and topping of Basil Pesto (which I usually hate) made me completely forget about the missing meats.
The flatbread was served with a bowl of salad and a side of low calorie Italian Dressing.
When I was first presented with the flatbread I did say to my husband that I was sure that it wouldn’t fill me up and that I would be hungry at the end.
As I got to my last mouthful I confidently stated that I was wrong, and in fact it was filling.
The flatbread is served on a wooden platter, a detail I’ve always loved about ordering pizzas and flatbreads from Prezzo.

Then came the dessert. Lemon Sorbet. I used to buy the tubs of Sorbet from the supermarket and was able to finish off a whole one in one sitting, I love sorbet that much. In fact I prefer it over ice cream. So I had high expectations. It was presented beautifully. The taste was refreshing, cleansing and not at all bitter.

Other items on the Specials Menu include:
Buffalo Mozzerella Flatbread (597 kcal) I would have ordered this but the waitress informed me that due to the cheese on top it is served cold but with a warm base. It was snowing quite heavily outside so I wanted something that was warming.
Super Detox Salad: Looks and sounds really yummy and is only 98 kcal!
Chicken Andria: (310 kcal) Again, I would have ordered this, especially with it being a hot meal but I can’t resist the flatbreads.

I know a lot of people on diets feel like they have to have a night off from it or have to hibernate and can’t go to restaurants but the Lighter Specials Menu means you can stick to your diet and have a really tasty three course meal!
As I said, I have a big appetite and I left feeling satisfied and without the need to snack when I returned home.

Other food we ordered included:
Starter: Garlic Bread with cheese.
Main: Spaghetti Bolognese.
Although a dessert was included in the childrens meal he opted for a drink of hot chocolate instead.

Starter: Garlic Bread with Cheese
Main: Cheese and Tomato Pizza (not all of this was eaten so we asked to take the pieces left over home)
Again, no dessert but it was included in the package.

My husband:
Baked mushrooms
Lobster and Crab Tortelli (his usual)
Strawberry Eton Mess Cheesecake

We also had a side of French Fries.

The service, as always, was fantastic. The staff are always welcoming and friendly, which is part of what keeps us going back. It’s also very child friendly too. The boys were given a tub of crayons each, a colouring sheet and a tub of cars and animals to play with. We’ve never visited somewhere that has given them toys to play with so this was a really special touch. Charles can be shy when it comes to talking to strangers but the waitress was so nice that he took an instant like to her and talked to her a lot.
We all left with a smile on our face and a promise to return again soon.

The Lighter Specials Menu is available until February the 4th.
We were given a complementary meal in return for this review. All words, and photos, are honest and my own.


My Shopping Strategies

Buying clothes for children can be a tough job sometimes. You want something which will look good, wash well and that is good quality. Shops in our high street are closing down due to the recession, leaving supermarkets as the only place to buy from in town. This can be ok at time, but it could also mean that the majority of the boys will be wearing the same things at their preschool/music group. It also means we’re limited to what we can buy as the boys section also tends to be limited.

This is one of the reasons that I cannot do without online shopping. I can simply fire up my laptop, Kindle or mobile and buy good quality, stylish childrens clothes from brands such as Polarn O.Pyret which I know won't be worn by every other child in the town.
It also means we have a lot more choice due to a bigger range.

The other great thing about shopping online are discount sites, which feature reductions and offers which are occasionally only available online and not in store. I also swear by cash back websites, not only do you get between 2-7% back from your purchase, you can also find discount codes or free delivery codes.

Doing all this from the warmth of my living room, without having to pay for petrol, parking, or fighting through crowds of people to end up leaving empty handed and stressed.

How do you save money when shopping for your children?


My Week That Was {3}

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Another week down for 2013! I'm really interested to see what everyone has been up to this week due to the white stuff that has appeared!
I'm not sure about you but I'll be glad when it's gone, although by the sounds of it we are due to get even more!

Monday: Monday morning was one of the best mornings I've ever had since being a mummy! I went to preschool with Charles and helped out. It was so fun and lovely to see what he, and his friends, got up to. I want to work there!
I can't remember what we did in the afternoon, it probably just involved staying in and playing though!

Tuesday: We were supposed to go to the second half of our First Aid course this morning but my mum couldn't babysit so we had to cancel.
It had snowed a little overnight and was on and off snowing the rest of the day. I was about to take Charles to school in the car and the snow started to fall really thick. As I reversed out of my drive my car didn't grip and I didn't want to risk the journey so we went in the house. I debated walking but it was so late now and there was massive thunder and lightning, so he stayed at home.

Wednesday: More snow and ice. We walked to the petrol station in the morning to stock up on food we desperately needed. Charles did so well and didn't complain once!
I didn't know whether or not to drive or walk to preschool today, it was ok to drive in but I worried incase it was too icy. My postman informed me that part of the route we usually walk to school was almost just a sheet of ice, so I decided to drive but to set of 15 early incase we faced problems.
Well, we did. My car wouldn't start!
We ended up walking and it was surprisingly pleasant. It was slippery but we didn't manage to slip or fall over.
I walked to collect Charles and we had a lovely walk home whilst it snowed.

Thursday: I woke up poorly. The snow had almost cleared, the only place it remained was in our close. My husband was able to sort my car (very drained battery!) so I drove Charles to school and back due to not having the energy to walk.

Friday: LOTS of snow. I was really anxious this morning as I hate snow. We were seriously low on food so I knew that not only would I have to walk Charles to preschool, but I'd also have to walk to the petrol station/supermarket, both involving crossing a busy road which was really setting off my anxiety.
My lovely husband stopped work to take us to Morrisons in the Land Rover, first we went for a McDonalds breakfast and sat by the beach and ate it.
Once we got home I noticed a missed call on my mobile and landline from the preschool, they left a message saying they were closing in the afternoon! Wooo!
We played in the garden and went out around the area on the sledge then came in and played for the rest of the afternoon.

Saturday: My husband works on a Saturday afternoon so Saturdays tend to be quite uneventful. I had a bath in the morning and then despite the snow outside we stayed indoors all day, in our pjs!
We painted some things for the boys bedrooms, Charles built a MASSIVE Brio track and Harry napped.
The boys went to bed early because they didn't want to eat dinner!
Thankfully my husband cheered me up by coming home and going back out to get steak (which he cooked PERFECTLY) and wine. We watched some old game shows on Challenge and had sticky toffee pudding. I feel like I barely see my husband at the moment so it was a lovely hour and a half until he went off for a bath and I was sorting an awake baby out!

Sunday: Today will be another day at home due to my husband working again. After a bad night sleep I will be mostly consuming lots of coffee. I'm hoping to get the chance to get out my sewing machine at some point, if the boys play nicely enough together, as I have a couple of things I'd like to make. We're due to be hit by lots of snow this evening, we are due to go out for a meal at 6ish so I'm hoping we won't be snowed in!

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New Year, New Fitness Plan

Over Christmas I got a bit  too confident and cocky. We didn’t have any chocolate in the house, other than the boxes the boys and my husband were given as gifts. I chose instead to feast on Stilton and crackers.
“Wow, I’m not putting any weight on; I’ll have another late night plate of Stilton, crisps and dips and why not add some turkey”
Well, as you imagine two weeks later I am regretting my feasting as I struggle to wear particular items of clothes.
What with that, and a holiday coming up in March I have to face the reality that regular workout dvd sessions are going to have to happen.

I’m considering attempting the 30 Day Shred again although last time I only got to Day 3 or 4. I really felt the workout was helping and was working so soon but for various reasons I stopped.
Harry was only 7 months old and didn’t seem too keen on letting me workout and leaving him to watch.
I really felt the workout was helping, but I also found it hard to workout without a supportive bra.
Due to breastfeeding obviously it was hard jumping around, and with only nursing bras to wear it wasn’t exactly comfortable.
I also used the excuse that I was breastfeeding and had just had a baby to my advantage. I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to lose weight or tone up if I really didn’t want to. I wanted to enjoy working out and although at first I was, it then became too much of a chore.

This time I want to put my all into it. I want people to notice results, and I want to confidently walk into the swimming pool on holiday without worrying about people looking at me and my wobbly bits!
So, I have a plan:
1: Eat healthier and drink more water
2: Invest in some comfortable fitness gear like a sports bra from figleaves
3: Workout in the playroom/lounge once the boys are in bed

Now all I need is to get the energy to be able to work out, so I can finally start my 30 days shred workout with Jillian Michaels (again)!

Hockfest {Flashback Friday}

You will very rarely read posts from me where I share stories or photos of me being drunk.
This will be one of those rare posts.
This was back in 2008, before I was pregnant of course. I was working full time, really long hours and this week I had been working stupidly long hours as well as not having a day off and working 14 days straight.
A village near to my sister in law was putting on a music festival and she invited us along. I finished work, rushed home to get changed and we headed to my father in laws, where we were staying over night, to drop our bags off and then his partner drove us to the festival.
We had an amazing time and I remember being very very drunk, I needed help getting into bed that night and probably shouldn't have gone to work the next day!
I was into my Barry M eyeshadows at this time (I stil am really, they just don't seem to suit me now my face is rather rounder!) and I also became good friends with a facial fake tan spray.
I had my Emu boots on and by the end of the night they were covered in different drinks which had been spilt on them!
This was the last time actually, that I had a proper night out before children and the last time I socially drank a lot since 2008!
The amount I drank also seemed to make me very confident in front of the camera, judging by these photos!

This week there is no theme to Flashback Friday, there is also no theme next week.
Share your favourite post from 2012, share your achievements, highs, lows, etc.
Remember a flashback can be from any time whether it be yesterday, last week, last month, last year or yesteryear! It can be a flashback of your own, your children, your partner or your friends. And if you don't want to write a post, then just link up a photo with a date. If you don't have time to write a new post, no problem simply link up a post you have already posted.



I Heart....Sale Dresses

For Christmas my husband was given a giftcard for Burtons. He also had a £5 voucher left over from his birthday last March so we visited the store in Yarmouth to see if we could find some jeans in the Sale.
He couldn't find anything and clearly just didn't want to shop so I jokingly said I would easily be able to spend it.
He kindly gave me the vouchers! So I went online to Dorothy Perkins and bought the black dress below. £17 in the sale with an added 15% off! Bargain.

I then fell in love with another dress a couple of days later. Which I bought, along with a pair of tights. Again these were in the sale and had an added 15% off. The dress was awful though so I went to my local store and rather than return it for a refund, I exchanged it for another one!
I then noticed the plum version of the black dress I had previously bought was in stock in my size so I had to buy it. It was also £17, with an extra 15% off PLUS I had a 10% voucher emailed to me for signing up to their newsletter!

I Hate Snow But...

It made the walk home from preschool yesterday a lot prettier and a lot more interesting.
I'm not sure what it is exactly that I hate about snow. There are a few factors at least.
Slipping over, or skidding.
Being stuck in the house.
Having snowballs thrown at me.
Being too cold.
And I just don't find it fun.
It's pretty yes. But the sooner it's gone the better.

Yesterday we had to walk to the shop. Charles was such a good boy, and didn't moan once, which I think was down to the novelty of walking in the crunchy snow.
I was nervous the whole time and felt a uge sense of relief when I got home, as well as pride that I actually did it!
Then came preschool time. We were going to walk but it started snowing, so we got into the car wouldn't start!
The snow stopped thankfully and we walked, surprisingly only ending up 5 minutes late for preschool!
The walk back to preschool was cold. The snow had started again and was quite thick, and it continued until we got home.
The walk their and back both times wasn't as bad as I thought, although was slow and icy although neither me nor Charles slipped over!

I may hate now but the walks today were quite fun and very pretty.


Natures Decorations

I looked into my garden first thing in the morning and gasped at how beautiful our Willow tree looked. Its twirly, curly branches all covered in a thick coating of frost. The sunlight hitting each branch, making it sparkle and twinkle. It looked almost Christmassy.
Until I came downstairs and looked out, and noticed all of the frosty spider-webs hanging in the fence.
The decoration had all of a sudden turned from Christmas to Halloween.