Christmas Eve {Flashback Friday}

I didn't post about our Christmas Day, mostly because I spent the majority of my time in the kitchen or rocking in the corner. Only a small amount of photos were taken, literally, not many at all. There is not one photo of me from Christmas Day. *sad face*
Christmas Eve was amazing. I really looked forward to this moment with Charles.
He told me we had to give the Reindeer carrots and apples and helped me chop these up and put them in a bowl. We also put down a large bowl of water.
Last year I asked Charles to stand in the doorway so I could take a photo, he sat on the doormat instead and so it has now become a tradition for him to sit whilst the photo is taken.
Once this job was done he then prepared the treat for Father Christmas with daddy. They placed a homemade mince pie on an Upsy Daisy plate and poured a small glass of whiskey. Charles carried the whiskey slowly into the lounge, this was the cutest thing and brought tears to my eyes. He placed the treats under the tree and posed....I have lost my memory card reader so can't upload those photos which is a shame!
He was amazed when we went downstairs in the morning, Father Christmas had very kindly put the bowls on the mat in our hallway. The Reindeer had left traces of glitter in the water bowl and hadn't eaten all of their carrots and apples (they only left 5 pieces). Father Christmas placed his empty whiskey glass on top of the Upsy Daisy plate, which was joined by pastry crumbs and a Reindeer bell for each boy.
I can't wait to see how these photos develop as the years go on.
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