Emergency Aid At Home

Yesterday morning I attended a First Aid course with my husband. The course was being held at Charles' preschool and was put on for free for parents. My husband had been looking into first aid either through courses or through leaflets so he knew what to do in an emergency, so he was really keen to attend the classes. I was able to get my mum to look after the boys so I could go along too.
There were only 5 of us there which made it easier as we were able to go over everything we needed to in good time and didn't have too much hanging around when covering CPR and using the dummies.

The course was really helpful. We learnt how to do "DR CPR" on adults, juniors and babies. We also covered the recovery position on all three too.
We looked at what should be in a First Aid Kit, and will be getting one to keep at home!

When I was younger I was part of the British Red Cross and we took an exam in First Aid. I passed, although I'm not sure where my certificate is! So a lot of the information came flooding back and some was new.

Next week we are going to be looking at burns, choking and bandages.

When sat in the course today I couldn't help but think that everyone should be able to do these things. Everyone should be able to put another person in the recovery position or  to perform CPR.
I think this should be taught with a one off lesson (with top up checks throughout the year) at middle and high schools. We had enough "pointless" assemblies that I really believe that this time could be used to cover something really important, something which could one day save someones life.

Basic life-saving skills. Why don't we all know these things?

We haven't done the course so that we can help any Tom, Dick or Harry that needs help, although obviously we would if needed, but more so that if any of the four of us needed help we are able to do what we can.
Simply knowing we can perform CPR on our children (or each other) safely and confidently if ever needed is a big relief. We also feel it would help us to stay reasonably calm in an emergency situation because we will know what to do whilst waiting for an ambulance.

I think parents should be offered first aid classes, either free or paid.
We would happily pay to go on a first aid course because it is worth it. There is so much to gain from it.
Of course I hope we never have to use the skills we obtained today, and will learn next week, but it's reassuring to know that if the situation ever arose, we would hopefully be able to react as told today.

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