Fabric and Frames

I was snooping around Ebay recently, trying to find a nice dinosaur fabric for the boys bedroom and I came across a seller who also had an online store. Clicking through I landed on My Fabric House.
Now, let me get this clear straight away, I have recieved nothing in return for mentioning them.
I looked at the site and the huge range of fabric on offer and ended up liking them on facebook. This is when I fell in love with a fabric.
The 'Love, Faith, Dream' Fabric. I bought it straight away. I already had a plan for it.
We are currently filling our stairway wall with photos and I had a plan that, in the spaces/gaps between each photo I would put wooden hearts with quotes and framed quotes too. This fabric was perfect for my plan.
The fabric was delivered super quick and I immediately went shopping for some cheap frames. I searched Charity shops but was unsuccessful and then came across an amazing Art Supply store.
I planned to just spent the £12 cash I had in my purse and to not use my card, and with so much choice it was difficult but I left with some beautiful frames. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Yesterday I set about with my project and I am so pleased with the results. I cannot wait to hang them up on the wall now.

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