First Trip To The Beach {Flashback Friday}

I clearly remember Charles' first trip to the beach. It was August the 8th, 2009. The weather was hot and we decided to make up a picnic and visit the beach at a nearby coastal town, Alburgh. I'm not sure why we chose this beach now.
It was quite quiet so we picked a great spot on the pebbles. Our peaceful picnic was ruined by wasps...everywhere.
Charles also didn't seem too impressed with our trip to the beach. He was really unsettled the whole time we were there, nothing would fix him. It didn't help that we showed off our inexperience as parents by failing to take a sunhat for him, so we spent the majority of the time trying to keep him in the shade.
It turned out that it wasn't anything specific about the beach that made Charles unsettled, in the first few months of his life he didn't really like going anywhere and preferred to be at home.
We didn't end up staying at the beach long as we were all getting aggitated and I spent most of the time wearing a fake smile feeling like everyone was watching me and judging me.
I'm glad we documented his trip though, especially as he looks so much like Harry in these ones.
I completely get that this post makes no sense considering the weather we have at the moment!
This week there is no theme to Flashback Friday, there is also no theme next week.
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