Harry's First Haircut

Charles was 17 and a half months when he had his first haircut. His hair was always so lovely and silky and I liked the idea of it being long. Due to his beautiful eyes and gorgeous long lashes he was constantly mistaken for a girl (even though he was always dressed in obvious boys clothes!)
My sister in laws wedding was coming up and we decided that it was time to tidy him up and make him look smart. So his first haircut was booked. He wasn't keen on having it done and cried. He looked very smart and like a different boy afterwards.
Of course I can't find the photographic evidence of this haircut right now, despite looking everywhere!

On Monday this week I had to give in again and get Harry's hair cut. I had cut it myself before, just the odd whispy bit and a long piece at the end which looked very out of place.
But it's different when you are handing your child over to someone else and trusting them to 1, make your child look smart and 2, not to chop your childs ear off!
Charles went first and Harry loved going over to the chair shouting "Hello Charles" and then it was his turn.
I expected tears, to have to hold him onto the seat, but he did really well.
He was distracted at times and had a tiny moan towards the end but we were all really impressed with him.
We were also impressed that the barber only charged for my husband and Charles' haircuts and not for Harry, as we expected.
Here are a couple of photos I took, his hair isn't actually as short as it looks on the bottom one (I could never have very short hair on my boys) but you get an idea of how different his hair is now.

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