I Hate Snow But...

It made the walk home from preschool yesterday a lot prettier and a lot more interesting.
I'm not sure what it is exactly that I hate about snow. There are a few factors at least.
Slipping over, or skidding.
Being stuck in the house.
Having snowballs thrown at me.
Being too cold.
And I just don't find it fun.
It's pretty yes. But the sooner it's gone the better.

Yesterday we had to walk to the shop. Charles was such a good boy, and didn't moan once, which I think was down to the novelty of walking in the crunchy snow.
I was nervous the whole time and felt a uge sense of relief when I got home, as well as pride that I actually did it!
Then came preschool time. We were going to walk but it started snowing, so we got into the car and...it wouldn't start!
The snow stopped thankfully and we walked, surprisingly only ending up 5 minutes late for preschool!
The walk back to preschool was cold. The snow had started again and was quite thick, and it continued until we got home.
The walk their and back both times wasn't as bad as I thought, although was slow and icy although neither me nor Charles slipped over!

I may hate now but the walks today were quite fun and very pretty.

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