I Heart...

On my short drive home from therapy yesterday I was feeling really happy and positive. I realised that this feeling may be a regular occurance after a therapy session. I have really taken to my therapist, and her to me, and I really feel I can open up and if I don't get long-term help from it then I am at least gaining comfort from having someone to talk to and vent to and open up to.
I listened to a particular CD on the way back and I realised that this CD makes me feel a certain way. A way that other cds fail to make me feel.
I walked in the house, made lunch, and sat on the sofa to eat. Harry just came and sat next to me eating his crisps. It was lovely that he could have sat anywhere but wanted to sit next to me, really close.
We sat and watched a Nigel Marvin programme called Prehistoric Park. Harry loved it and we were both acting in a very over-dramatic manner whenever we heard or saw a dinosaur, and would then laugh.
Harry would roar at the television, he has the best roar I have ever heard.

It was at this moment that I realised that for the past hour or so lots of things had been racing in my mind.
Things I love. Things that made me happy. Comfortable. Things I need reminding of sometimes.
Sometimes it's even little things that can make me smile, that can give me goosebumps or really make me laugh.

Every week I'm going to post something that I love...calling each post "I Heart..." (simply because I heart sounds cuter than I love)
I think concentrating each week on something that makes me happy, and then looking back at these posts, will help me when I'm feeling a bit pants and will remind me what to do to cheer myself up if and when needed.

Feel free to join in if you wish.

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