Jane McDonald {Flashback Friday}

I remember years ago, oh gosh I can't even believe I am going to write the numbers....15 years ago (it doesn't seem that long!), watching the BBC Documentary "The Cruise." We used to love sitting and watching it, especially when my nan and my parents had booked for us all to go on one!
We were booked to go on the Thomson Emerald, our holiday was a cruise and stay meaning we would cruise the Med for a week and stay at a hotel in Majorca for the second week.
The cruise week was amazing, really amazing but the week in Majorca was horrid, mainly due to the hotel to be honest.
We were sat on the beach and my mum had heard that The Galaxy, the cruise ship Jane McDonald worked on, was due to dock at Palma that day. We were fans of Jane at that point, she came across so well on the documentary and I really wanted to meet her. We didn't go because we realised how busy docks were and there was little chance of us meeting her.
Fast forward to 2008.
I was shopping in New Look with my mum and we discussed going to the theatre, we used to go quite a lot, and talk got onto the fact that Jane McDonald would be going to our local theatre in 2009.
Now, I was pregnant at this point so have my hormones to blame but my emotions got a bit carried away and I cried, in the New Look changing room, whilst trying on maternity clothes. We didn't plan to go but just mentioning it made me cry and we swiftly moved on and carried on shopping.
It's tradition for my mum to buy me a calender for Christmas and this year was no exception. As I opened it she told me to look through it so I did, turning straight to June assuming she had written my due date on the calender.
I turned to April and paperclipped to the top was two tickets to see Jane McDonald. I couldn't believe it and burst into tears.
Although it may sound silly, the programme "The Cruise" marked a happy time in my life before my parents then seperated so it holds a lot of happy thoughts and feelings for me, and Jane McDonald being involved in that caused me to be a big fan. I always found her quite comforting in an odd way.
The night of April 26th came and I was so excited. Our seats weren't at or near the front but the theatre is small so it didn't matter. Or view was still good and the atmosphere was amazing.
As Jane came onto stage of course I cried. I then smiled, and cried throughout the whole concert, especially tearing up when she sang "One Night Only".
I'm pretty sure that at 23 I was the youngest person there!
I will never forget that night.

Here are some photos I took whilst there, and a couple of bump photos I took when I got home.

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