Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers {Review}

Charles is at that stage now where numbers and letters really interest him. He can recognise every single figure (ie 0-9) and recognises around 14 letters at the moment.
I always feared this time because I thought I would have to put in a lot of hard work in teaching him how to recognise them and was putting a lot of pressure on myself. It seemed he was one step ahead of me and I didn't have to work as hard as I thought.
It certainly makes me realise just how clever these little people are.

So as I said, with this new stage and passion for learning numbers our Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers are coming in really handy. We recieved these a while ago and whilst they were fun then they are appreciated a lot more now Charles understands what they are.
This isn't to say that younger children, or children who aren't yet interested in letters and numbers won't enjoy these, Harry loves them too!

These come in a variety of colours, which also means you can not only learn which letters and numbers they are, but also learn colours. Charles knows a lot of colours now but it's nice to still test him and refresh his memory.

The 26 foam letters and 10 foam numbers are made from a non-toxic soft foam. They have a slightly bumpy texture which helps them stick to the tiles and makes it easy for slippery hands to grab!

Now, lets be honest, these aren't all going to stick on tiles straight away and may fall off pretty much as soon as you stick them on BUT it's just foam and water, so what can you expect?
We have found the trick is to not have them soaking wet, then they will stick on for longer.

Easy to store, especially if you use a Munchkin Corner Bath Organiser, fun, colourful and educational.

The Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers are available at Asda and are only £5 in the Baby Event!

We recieved these to review, all words are honest and my own.

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