My Perception of Butlins {Guest Post}

I pride myself on my honesty when it comes to my blog, with opening up about struggles and anxiety, reviews and so on. My honesty will obviously continue within my role as a Butlins Ambassador.
When the opportunity to apply for the role came about I wanted to jump at it, but my husband put me off. I kept thinking about it and felt it was something that I couldn't pass up on, after all, I wasn't guaranteed to even get through.
I was delighted when I was confirmed as one of 40 bloggers chosen for the role. I had been researching the Butlins sites and particularly liked the look of the Bognor Regis hotels so I was over the moon and really excited.
Taking my role seriously I think it would be wrong to just portray my view of Butlins, after all this is a family holiday so everyones experience and feelings are important, therefore we thought it was a good idea for my husband to write a little guest post for my blog, detailing his perception of Butlins.
Obviously we'll then write an update when we return from our holiday in March.

As a 24 year old father of two [he is actually 36 but lets humour him] my one and only family experience of Butlins came back in the early 80's when I was -6 years old. My parents took us, my sister and me, to Bognor Regis for a 5 night stay. All I can remember are the sticky orange carpets in the accommodation, and my parents taking one look at the cutlery and plates and going out to buy some new ones, as well as new sheets.

Positive memories are of the Central Plaza, which looked smart and appealing to me as a child, and I do remember some pretty good fairground rides, so we did have some fun 'on site'.

Saying that, most of our time was spent away from the complex visiting the local area, and although it wasn't quite "60s holiday camp", I do remember us coming away disappointed with the experience.

Fast-forward a few years (decades) and I was talked into a 90s weekender at Butlins Skegness. After my childhood experience I was a little apprehensive about the accommodation and whilst my wife was packing her many pairs of heels and "I love Right Said Fred T Shirt", I was packing sheets and plates in preparation. However on arrival I was pleasantly surprised, while not exactly five star, the accommodation was leaps and bounds ahead of how I remembered. It was clean and had everything we needed for a fun weekend away with friends. The sheets and plates stayed in the boot of my car.

As a dad, I'm still not 100% sure it's somewhere I would want to take my family due to the holiday experience I had as child, instead opting for the luxury of jumping on a plane and heading abroad instead.

I'm approaching the hotel in 2013 with an open mind, and looking at how Butlins have re-invented themselves in recent years I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised...

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