My Shopping Strategies

Buying clothes for children can be a tough job sometimes. You want something which will look good, wash well and that is good quality. Shops in our high street are closing down due to the recession, leaving supermarkets as the only place to buy from in town. This can be ok at time, but it could also mean that the majority of the boys will be wearing the same things at their preschool/music group. It also means we’re limited to what we can buy as the boys section also tends to be limited.

This is one of the reasons that I cannot do without online shopping. I can simply fire up my laptop, Kindle or mobile and buy good quality, stylish childrens clothes from brands such as Polarn O.Pyret which I know won't be worn by every other child in the town.
It also means we have a lot more choice due to a bigger range.

The other great thing about shopping online are discount sites, which feature reductions and offers which are occasionally only available online and not in store. I also swear by cash back websites, not only do you get between 2-7% back from your purchase, you can also find discount codes or free delivery codes.

Doing all this from the warmth of my living room, without having to pay for petrol, parking, or fighting through crowds of people to end up leaving empty handed and stressed.

How do you save money when shopping for your children?

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