My Week That Was {1}

Good afternoon/evening.
Welcome to the first 'My Week That Was' hosted on my blog. You can read about the link up here. At the bottom of this post is the new badge if you want to add it to the bottom of your post.
This week I've had no petrol and the weather has been rather yuk so it hasn't been too excited. Charles is back at preschool tomorrow, and my car has petrol, so I'm going to make an effort to take Harry out and about if I can, whether it's raining or not!
Here is, my week that was.....

Monday: My husband worked this morning on Heart Norwich. He got home at 11 then went worked the rest of the day doing his usual job. My mum came over in the afternoon and we went for a walk which was lovely. My husband treated me to takeaway for dinner. He went to bed early due to working early so I stayed up alone to see in the near year.

Tuesday: New Years Day. My husband worked until 10 but didn't get home until 11. I planned to cook a roast so the vegetables were all prepared whilst he was out and the beef was in the slow cooker. We went for a walk in Dunwich Forest for a little bit. Once we got home we lazed on the sofa, well the boys did, and I cooked the rest of the dinner. It was like a Christmas Dinner all over again as the vegetables were all left overs from Christmas and we were surprised at how much the boys ate! We even had Christmas pudding for dessert.

Wednesday: I went for a walk with the boys to the supermarket this morning to buy batteries, lunch and dinner. We just played and did housework in the afternoon.

Thursday: My mum came over this morning so I got on with housework and drying and straightening my hair (a luxury nowadays!) In the afternoon we just played at home and watched The Gruffalo and The Gruffalos Child. We would have gone for a walk but it looked like it was going to rain all day (although never did) and the boys coats were in the wash.

Friday: Went to friends all day. It was really lovely and we came home around 4:30. The boys had their dinner, which amazingly they ate all of(!!) and then had a bath together. My husband put Harry to bed and we played with Charles in his room and then had a Chinese.

Saturday: In the morning all the boys seemed to want to do is eat! My mum came over at lunchtime and picked us up. She recently bought a second car seat so she can either take the boys out and give me some me time or take us all out as I usually drive. Whilst she was here she booked us 4 tickets to see Chris and Pui in June! The tickets will be birthday presents for the boys. I might be a bit excited about seeing Chris.
We went over to Outfit to have a look at their sale. Harry fell asleep on the way over so only I ran in. I bought a pretty hairband and that was all!
We then went swimming which was lovely although Harry didn't enjoy it so much. I think it was because we used his swimseat so we'll buy some armbands for next time.
Charles swam for a bit and then went on the slide continuously for half an hour if not more.
They ate crisps and chocolate in the car, despite it being dinner time and then shocked me by eating all of their Canneloni and a yogurt at home!
Once they'd had a bath and had gone to bed I made pizzas with my husband and we watched the Keith Lemon Movie.

Sunday: I had a really long bath and hairwash this morning after swimming yesterday. We then went to Yarmouth to do our weekly food shop at Sainsburys as we had £50 worth of gift cards to spend.  After that we drove to Gorleston seafront and had sausage and chips on the seafront, although we didn't have a view of the sea due to new sea-defences blocking the way!
After that we popped to Outfit so my husband could spent some Christmas vouchers, he didn't buy anything,
but I bought some tights.
We then came home and the boys are watching Dinosaur programmes whilst I blog and put the shopping away.


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