My Week That Was {2}

Welcome to the second week of "My Week That Was". I'm proud to say that already I feel as though my week has been made a little more active and busy due to having to tell you all what I've been up to.
I've made the effort to walk to preschool this week so I don't come across as being too lazy (there's that and the wanting to lose the extra 15 stone I put on due to the masses of Stilton I ate over Christmas)!

Monday: On Monday morning I took Charles to preschool and for the first time in 18 months took Harry to the park by himself. We had such a lovely time. Whilst I was there a friend messaged me and asked if she could come over in the afternoon, and I said yes. Her daughter [Charles' girlfriend] goes to preschool with Charles so we met there and then they came straight round. We had a lovely afternoon although it was rather tiring with two 3 year olds and an 18 month old.
At one point Charles and his girlfriend had gone to the toilet together, as they always do, and after 10 minutes I went upstairs to check they were ok. I discovered them in Charles' room and they both had a pair of his pyjamas on and were about to go to sleep! It was hilarious.

Tuesday: This morning my mum came round to look after the boys whilst I attended a first aid course with my husband. The course had finished by 11:30 so he returned to work for a bit and I took over with the boys.
Charles went to preschool in the afternoon and I drove my husband to an appointment in the afternoon and then to B&Q, Harry had a much needed nap in the car and when we got home continued to sleep, on me, for another half an hour. When he woke up we pretended to be dinosaurs and then went to collect Charles.
I decided to walk to collect him and rather than taking the pushchair I carried his scooter and pushed Harry in the Smart Trike. Charles was so happy when he saw his scooter parked up outside the preschool building.

Wednesday: My mum came round again this morning. I got on with housework.
I then drove Charles to preschool and went for my therapy session. Once that finished I came home and had lunch and a play with Harry. Once I got him ready to collect Charles I couldn't decide between the trike/scooter option or a trip to a park I had found. I went with the latter. When I collected Charles he was HYPER!
We went to the park and it was lovely. It's only a small one but it's nice because I can keep an eye on both boys, and it is enclosed. I couldn't believe that we were the only people there!
It all went very wrong when I tried to help Harry onto a platform so I could go down the slide. I lifted and pushed his bottom but he lost balance and smashed his face on the floor (of the platform). Well, instant screaming from him, panic from me before looking at him wondering what damage I had caused and Charles was really concerned at what had happened to his brother. He had a small cut on his nose (really really small but enough for it to bleed) and had cut his mouth and his top lip had swollen.
I decided we should go home so I could inspect it further, of course Charles wasn't happy with this so I felt really guilty but have promised a return trip tomorrow if he is a good boy.

Thursday: In the morning we didn't get up to much at all. It was one of those "clock-watching" mornings. I took Charles to preschool in the car and once we [me and Harry] got backwe had lunch and got ready for our first Jo Jingles session, which was in a childrens centre right near Charles preschool. I drove there, despite it being in walking distance. Harry seemed really happy at first and was loving walking around going up to everyone but once all the attendees had arrived I think he felt a bit overwhelmed. It didn't help that the lady running the class has quite a stern voice so it very much sounded like she was telling us all off at times. We will go again though.
Once we left there we drove home, had a quick snack and then walked to Charles' preschool to collect him. In three hours I had been to the same place three times! Hense why I drove twice. Charles was really happy because I took his scooter for him to ride home on.
Harry fell asleep on the way home and didn't wake up until 8! Which obviously meant we lost our whole evening as he was wide awake!

Friday: My mum came round this morning and I got on with some housework and blogging. The postman delivered me something very special.
In the afternoon Charles went to preschool and  Harry fell asleep as we walked home. I got on with some blogging and watching tv and when he woke we played.
We walked to collect Charles, taking his scooter and pushing Harry in the Smart Trike.
Charles and I spoke to my brother on Skype which was lovely.
Chinese for tea with my husband.

Saturday: Trip to the petrol station this morning for milk and breakfast then home for a bath and hairwash. Glamourous hey?!
My husband then left for work so I had an early lunch with the boys and we danced around the kitchen to my new Ellie Goulding cd.
I met my mum at a retail park to check out the sales at Brantano...nothing! I did get a nice belt in Next though, not in the sale but still.
We then went to my mums for the afternoon. Charles managed to cause drama by tripping up and biting his top lip. There was quite a bit of blood but thankfully no major damage caused!
We then went home, Harry fell asleep in the car and went straight to bed when we got home. Charles ate all of his dinner(!!!) and we had a fun/silly game of bowling on the Wii.

Sunday: My husband was working today so me and the boys had a day out with my mum. I normally drive but she bought a second carseat so she can take us all out.
It was trying to snow this morning but nothing came of it, thankfully. I hate snow.
Our plan to go and see the Seals at Horsey were scuppered when we saw the row of cars parked and the cars wanting to park so we went around some country roads and had Chips, Sausage and Curry Sauce at Potter Heigham. We then found a park and played there for a while, although it was colder than we thought so we left soon after and went to my mums instead.
We're now home and tonight will consist of getting the boys fed and in bed, then ordering a takeaway and with me sorting through clothes as I am helping out at Charles' preschool tomorrow morning!
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