My Week That Was {3}

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Another week down for 2013! I'm really interested to see what everyone has been up to this week due to the white stuff that has appeared!
I'm not sure about you but I'll be glad when it's gone, although by the sounds of it we are due to get even more!

Monday: Monday morning was one of the best mornings I've ever had since being a mummy! I went to preschool with Charles and helped out. It was so fun and lovely to see what he, and his friends, got up to. I want to work there!
I can't remember what we did in the afternoon, it probably just involved staying in and playing though!

Tuesday: We were supposed to go to the second half of our First Aid course this morning but my mum couldn't babysit so we had to cancel.
It had snowed a little overnight and was on and off snowing the rest of the day. I was about to take Charles to school in the car and the snow started to fall really thick. As I reversed out of my drive my car didn't grip and I didn't want to risk the journey so we went in the house. I debated walking but it was so late now and there was massive thunder and lightning, so he stayed at home.

Wednesday: More snow and ice. We walked to the petrol station in the morning to stock up on food we desperately needed. Charles did so well and didn't complain once!
I didn't know whether or not to drive or walk to preschool today, it was ok to drive in but I worried incase it was too icy. My postman informed me that part of the route we usually walk to school was almost just a sheet of ice, so I decided to drive but to set of 15 early incase we faced problems.
Well, we did. My car wouldn't start!
We ended up walking and it was surprisingly pleasant. It was slippery but we didn't manage to slip or fall over.
I walked to collect Charles and we had a lovely walk home whilst it snowed.

Thursday: I woke up poorly. The snow had almost cleared, the only place it remained was in our close. My husband was able to sort my car (very drained battery!) so I drove Charles to school and back due to not having the energy to walk.

Friday: LOTS of snow. I was really anxious this morning as I hate snow. We were seriously low on food so I knew that not only would I have to walk Charles to preschool, but I'd also have to walk to the petrol station/supermarket, both involving crossing a busy road which was really setting off my anxiety.
My lovely husband stopped work to take us to Morrisons in the Land Rover, first we went for a McDonalds breakfast and sat by the beach and ate it.
Once we got home I noticed a missed call on my mobile and landline from the preschool, they left a message saying they were closing in the afternoon! Wooo!
We played in the garden and went out around the area on the sledge then came in and played for the rest of the afternoon.

Saturday: My husband works on a Saturday afternoon so Saturdays tend to be quite uneventful. I had a bath in the morning and then despite the snow outside we stayed indoors all day, in our pjs!
We painted some things for the boys bedrooms, Charles built a MASSIVE Brio track and Harry napped.
The boys went to bed early because they didn't want to eat dinner!
Thankfully my husband cheered me up by coming home and going back out to get steak (which he cooked PERFECTLY) and wine. We watched some old game shows on Challenge and had sticky toffee pudding. I feel like I barely see my husband at the moment so it was a lovely hour and a half until he went off for a bath and I was sorting an awake baby out!

Sunday: Today will be another day at home due to my husband working again. After a bad night sleep I will be mostly consuming lots of coffee. I'm hoping to get the chance to get out my sewing machine at some point, if the boys play nicely enough together, as I have a couple of things I'd like to make. We're due to be hit by lots of snow this evening, we are due to go out for a meal at 6ish so I'm hoping we won't be snowed in!

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