My Week That Was {4}

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Is it just me that's struggling to cope with the fact that we are in the last week of January 2013 already?!
When did life seem to speed up so much?

This week has been totally uninspiring for me, even my photoaday has suffered with boring unimaginative photos.
Next week I plan to make up for it.

Monday: Preschool was closed due to the heavy ran fall. Charles didn't really want to play in it and due to Harry taking a dislike to it we stayed in all day. My husband was working until late again tonight so it was down to me to do the bedtime routine with the boys.

Tuesday: Preschool was open today but I didn't particularly want to walk in it and my car wouldn't have got very far so my husband took Charles and collected him.

Wednesday: The morning was spent playing and getting us all ready to go out. Charles had preschool, and with a lot of snow still hanging around my husband drove him, then dropped me off for Therapy. I had a really good session today and always leave feeling like a weight is lifted from my shoulders already. My husband collected me an hour later and drove home via McDonalds which I appreciated.
He collected Charles from school.

Thursday: It was time for me to venture out into the snow. The morning was again just spent playing and sorting through emails. I had to get the shovel to move the snow around the back of my car and remove snow from the top and the windows and thankfully it went ok. The roads only seemed to be bad around our close and although the preschool car park was slushy I had no problems driving there.
I came home, had lunch then it was back out, in the car, to Jo Jingles with Harry. He didn't seem too keen on the first session two weeks previous, although I do put it down to it being something new and him being overwhelmed by the other babies there, but this time he seemed to really enjoy it, although was tired and thirsty towards the end so got a bit grumpy. I had 45 minutes to kill until I needed to get Charles again. I didn't want to go home, get Harry in to then get comfy and have to get up again, so I drove to the McDonalds Drive Thru (yes, again!) and got myself a coffee, and somehow a Sweet Berry Pie just happened to be paid for, and I drove back to the preschool carpark to wait for Charles. Harry had fallen asleep so I had a bit of piece and quiet for a while.
As I walked into preschool Charles ran towards me  excitedly telling me he was going to X's house! He was quite upset when I told him he wasn't and he burst into tears. It turns out that he and his friend X had planned for him to to X's house to play after school.

Friday: My mum came round in the morning so I did a little housework, blogging and had to pop to the supermarket. Charles went to preschool in the afternoon and me and Harry just played.
The evening was very exciting for me with the Big Brother final and having arranging something with a friend.

Saturday: My husband works in the afternoon. He went over on the train and we met him after work to head to his sisters for the evening night. We all went out for a Chinese which was lovely and when we got home we booked a holiday together for the summer!

Sunday: Woke up after a bad night sleep and with a hangover. My sister in law cooked us all a lovely breakfast and we came home. It was weird as when we left the close was full of snow and ice and coming home it had almost all gone due to rain the previous night!
I had a lovely hot bath, which was interupted by Charles needing the toilet, he came over to test the temperature of the water and I pulled him in....fully clothed. I love moments like this and we both couldn't stop laughing.
The rest of today will mostly involve cooking dinner, drinking coffee and water and building Brio train tracks.

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