New Year, New Fitness Plan

Over Christmas I got a bit  too confident and cocky. We didn’t have any chocolate in the house, other than the boxes the boys and my husband were given as gifts. I chose instead to feast on Stilton and crackers.
“Wow, I’m not putting any weight on; I’ll have another late night plate of Stilton, crisps and dips and why not add some turkey”
Well, as you imagine two weeks later I am regretting my feasting as I struggle to wear particular items of clothes.
What with that, and a holiday coming up in March I have to face the reality that regular workout dvd sessions are going to have to happen.

I’m considering attempting the 30 Day Shred again although last time I only got to Day 3 or 4. I really felt the workout was helping and was working so soon but for various reasons I stopped.
Harry was only 7 months old and didn’t seem too keen on letting me workout and leaving him to watch.
I really felt the workout was helping, but I also found it hard to workout without a supportive bra.
Due to breastfeeding obviously it was hard jumping around, and with only nursing bras to wear it wasn’t exactly comfortable.
I also used the excuse that I was breastfeeding and had just had a baby to my advantage. I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to lose weight or tone up if I really didn’t want to. I wanted to enjoy working out and although at first I was, it then became too much of a chore.

This time I want to put my all into it. I want people to notice results, and I want to confidently walk into the swimming pool on holiday without worrying about people looking at me and my wobbly bits!
So, I have a plan:
1: Eat healthier and drink more water
2: Invest in some comfortable fitness gear like a sports bra from figleaves
3: Workout in the playroom/lounge once the boys are in bed

Now all I need is to get the energy to be able to work out, so I can finally start my 30 days shred workout with Jillian Michaels (again)!

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