Sausages, Seagulls, Swans, and a Slide

My husband was working on Sundayso my mum came round to take me and the boys out for the day. We'd planned to go to the Norfolk Coast to see the Seals on Horsey beach but after seeing the long wrong of cars parked and cars wanting to park we decided to go elsewhere.
We went to Potter Heigham to get some chips and sausages. We sat in the car to eat and had an audience of seagulls and swans.
After around an hour and a half, whilst we waited for Charles to slowly eat his chips, we drove in the direction of home, deciding to stop if we saw somewhere worthwhile.
We found a little empty park and played, briefly, as Harry was SO cold. He did had a great time on the slide in this park though. He seem's to be a big fan of slides, after recently learning how to go down by himself.
We chose to go back to my mums instead but the journey along the coast there, and back, was really lovely.

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