Shapes on Canvas

When first discussing with Charles the bits he would like in his big boy bedroom he listed the usual "boy" items.
Trains, cars, planes, aliens, rockets, dinosaurs.
But he also mentioned the shapes from Mister Maker.
I thought it was a one off but he mentioned them a lot, more than any other thing he wanted and my original plan was to paint them onto his wall using the matchbox paints.
Then I came across cheap blank canvases in a local store and bought them for handprint art. It was then that I thought of the idea of painting the Shapes onto a canvas rather than onto the wall.
I think the great thing about these blank canvases is that they are cheap and easy to work with. The fact they are cheap means I don't mind if, in a years time, Charles gets bored and doesn't want shapes on his wall, I can then dispose of the canvas, with peace of mind that I've only thrown away £1.49.

Today I finally finished off the canvas, which thankfully Charles is delighted with.
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