We're Going On A Squirrel Hunt

I said that I really want to make an effort in getting out more with the boys, especially getting out with Harry when Charles is at school.
I originally had this plan that once Charles was at school I would go everywhere with Harry, we'd be busy doing something everyday, swimming, park, soft play, zoo etc.
So far this has been a big fat fail really. We've gone shopping together and that's about it.
Once I dropped Charles off at preschool and returned home I instantly decided we would get our shoes and coats on and head to the park.
The park has always been somewhere I have struggled to go due to my anxiety, but I figured that if I didn't enjoy it then we would just leave.
As it happens the park was empty, other than the odd dog walker or park groundsman. At one point I thought maybe it was even closed and I shouldn't have been there! I decided to leave the pushchair in the car and to let him have his freedom as we rarely tend to do this what with normally needing to keep an eye on Charles too.

We headed straight into the main playground area as I spotted lots of ducks. I had taken a bag of bread for us to feed to them as Harry is yet to feed ducks!
It turns out that he isn't very good at it and instead chooses to take just one piece of bread and stalk a particular duck around with his arm stretched out saying "ta! ta! ta".
He thought it was funny when I threw the bread near him and the ducks all ran towards him.

We played on the playground briefly, sadly discovering that the roundabout I had played on with my brother as children had disappeared. Harry had his first time on a slide without us holding on to him(!), and then went on to find a pond, although Harry was constantly distracted by squirrels!

Once we found the other pond we fed the ducks, walked across the bridge, and headed back to the playground, discovering that Harry now hates swings and just wants to go on slides.
To finally get him away I was able to distract him with yet another squirrel, whom he followed out of the playground.
We then walked around one particular tree and bush countless times stalking a number of squirrels as they came out of hiding to see if we had any nuts for them, they would then run off when they realised we had nothing.

Harry fell in love with them and I think if he could take he would say the highlight of his park trip was seeing all of the squirrels.
Next time, we'll take some nuts.


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