{Alphabet Adventure} Ambulance to Zoom

On Sunday we had a 3 hour car journey, then a lot of waiting around and standing around whilst we watched my husband drive an Aston Martin as part of an Experience Day Christmas present he received.
Although we were looking forward to watching him drive I knew the boys would be irritable and bored. I decided to do another Alphabet Adventure with Charles. Although I only planned to do it at the race track he decided he wanted to start straight away in the car so within 20 minutes we already had 10 letters!
This time, with no signs to give him clues like we had at the zoo, I was interested to see how he would do this.
I was impressed that he was naming particular things we saw as we drove and asked which letter they began with.
"Bridge, what's bridge?"
"Grass, what's grass?"
He was also given the task to take photos again. I'm really impressed with the photos he takes and have no worries giving him my DSLR. I love seeing peoples faces as this 3 year old boy walks around with a camera around his neck, most of the time taking photos of said people!

A: Ambulance
B: Bridge, Bushes, Birds
C: Car, Colours, Church
D: Doors
E: Electric
F: Fuel, Fence, Field
G: Grass
H: House, Helmet, Hay bales
I: Ice, Instructor, Instructions
J: Jonathan
K: Kitkat
L: Lights
M: Mummy
N: Numbers
O: Oasis
P: Pylon, Pit, Pigs
Q: Queue
R: Road,
S: Screens, Sink
T: Taps, Tree, Track, Tractor, Trailor, Tower
U: Up/Upstairs
V: Van, Volt
W: Windmill, Wind Turbine, Windows, Wood
X: 'X' sign
Y: Yellow
Z: Zoom

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